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WiFi problems on Legend

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by JunkStar, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. JunkStar

    JunkStar Lurker
    Thread Starter


    I just got a Legend for my girlfriend the other day. Went fine and all. Then i came up and told me there was a firmware update for it and it could download it over our wifi (she dosnt have a data plan yet) and ofc i said ok.
    Now the wifi dosnt work, it says "Wifi couldnt start" (translated since its in danish)
    Ive tried to reset the phone, turn it on and off and searched the web for solutions but nothing worked..
    Any ideas what might have happend and how to solve it?

    Best regards

  2. Shubb9

    Shubb9 Lurker

    Hi there, seems like same thing that happened to me. Downloaded 2 updates over the weekend (one about about camera app functionality & another) and after the second one: no wifi
    Just says "Unable to start wifi" in the settings and you can't even see what the MAC address is in the Hardware Information ("Unavailable" apparently).
    On the HTC site support page the most recent FOTA update says it will upgrade the software to 1.31.405.4
    I will list what version I have now, struck me as odd that the version I have is not the same but sequentially greater.

    Model: Legend
    Firmware: 2.1
    Baseband version:
    Kernel version: 2.6.29-9a3026a7 htc-kernel@and18-2 #1
    Build number: CL155118 release-keys
    Software number:

    Hopefully this information can help some clever person to figure out this mess. I'll post this up on a few other android forums and post up any fixes I find.
    (New phone semi-bricked inside three days... Not happy):mad:
  3. Martin L

    Martin L Member

    Shubb, I presume you're on vodafone. You should take up the issue with them.
    Hopefully they'll just replace your phone with a new one.
  4. Curnsie

    Curnsie Newbie

    Yep. Make sure you phone 191 customer services. Don't waste your time going to a Vodafone store as I did - they'll just tell you that you should have taken out insurance.

    Customer services were happy to replace my phone which had useless wifi.

  5. Shubb9

    Shubb9 Lurker

    thanks Drew,
    I did just that and it didn't quite work out how I expected. First time I rang them the tech support guy said that the software version I had now ( was the Vodafone supported version (not 1.31.405.4) but I had to ring off because friends arrived. When I rang back another guy told me that because this update was pushed out by the manufacturer and not Vodafone it was not their responsibility (despite me ending up with the Vodafone version of the software), the only way was to take it into a Vodafone shop and pay to have it fixed (!).
    Apparently this guy said there should have been a disclaimer if it was an official Vodafone update. Problem I encountered there as well was that the legend is contract only phone with vodafone and I've been given it by my aunt after she got it as an upgrade, didn't like it and gave it to me. I just whacked in a PAYG sim from vodafone and it worked fine until the FOTA update bricked it.
    TL : DR %*!& vodafone, rang HTC customer care and they're sending UPS round to collect tmrw. They'll re-flash the ROM. get it working and send it back within a week.
  6. anandroiduser

    anandroiduser Well-Known Member

    With all these horror stories, I really don't see me updating my phone anytime soon. Unless it's a 2.2 update that is.
  7. Twatko

    Twatko Lurker

    Hi - I changed my home router wifi channel to channel 11 (it was on 3) and this has worked for me. Hope this helps (at least when you are at home)

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  8. Fish-Bone

    Fish-Bone Member

    And what about the link to Greenlight? Spam?
  9. Bobarillio

    Bobarillio Lurker

    I bought a legend yesterday - brought it home and set it up for wifi on my netcomm router. After multiple attempts to get it connected I succeeded - once. In every other instance the screen simply cycled from "connecting" to "disconnected". I watched the router while attempting the connection - it looked like the attempt caused the router to powercycle i.e. the router lost the adsl connection and had to go through the steps of refinding the adsl signal and then establishing the ppp. It keeps going through this process while the phone is on the wifi screen - i assume because the phone is trying to connect and starts the whole process again. I had to turn the phone off to keep my wifi connected so I can type this message from my laptop. An irritating problem - if nyone has any ideas please feel free to jump in.

  10. lazyc

    lazyc Lurker

    My new legend suffers wifi issues as well. It connects to my netgear router fine, and according to the wifi manager application, stays connected around the 70% signal strength.

    However, as soon as I stop using the internet for moment, say to read a webpage or an email - it then won't download any more data. The wifi is still connected, I can even see the signal fluctuating slightly in wifi manager - but nothing works. If I toggle the wifi connection on the phone I get the net back again. That is until I stop using it again for a 30 seconds, and its gone.

    My wifi works perfectly well on my laptop and mac. This must be a software issue surely? It doesn't look like it is caused by loss of signal.
  11. Ry0579

    Ry0579 Lurker

    Hey Guys,
    I've had the same issue, i've read a suggestion that if you go into wifi settings, and click on the menu button it will bring up wifi sleep options..by default its set to 15 mins- change it to "never" - it seems to have helped for me.
    Try it out and let us all know if it has worked.
  12. lazyc

    lazyc Lurker

    I've already tried that - it makes no difference because I'm not losing my wifi connection in the first place. I'd kill for 15 minutes of solid use before a disconnect anyway!
  13. lazyc

    lazyc Lurker

    I'm no expert - but I wonder if an app that could bounce a couple of bytes of data to the wifi router every couple of seconds would stop the drop I experience?
  14. Ry0579

    Ry0579 Lurker

    lazyC your prob sounds just like mine! wifi drops but still says its connected- too bad it didn't help.
    I've read around that changing the router channel to 11 helps as well. I haven't tried that yet- i have an airport express router and couldn't figure out how to change the channel.
  15. lazyc

    lazyc Lurker

    Channel would only make a difference if there was a conflict - plus it would also only help with an actual loss of connection.

    Not only that but my router was already on 11 before I got the legend anyway, so I think the channel explanation is not applicable here.
  16. funmonk01

    funmonk01 Newbie

    I got my legend unlocked in the uk with no problems with wifi connection. just returned home to Ukraine and I keep getting a message saying obtaining IP address and nothing else, no connection just that message. any one have any ideas. thanks
  17. waelboy

    waelboy Lurker

    Hello All,

    Please, i really need help! I have a wireless usb at home and i am using connectify software to transmit a wireless connection. The problem is my HTC Legened is connecting successfully to the Connection, but it doesn't load any thing, it seems that its only connecting without have internet. When i try to open the Market App it gives me this Error: "A Netwrok Error has occurred. Retry, or cancel and return to the previous data screen" Also it doesnt open any page or any other internet app. But it is only connected to the wifi network with no access. Please i am going totally crazy. My ipod is connecting and working extremely well with the same connection, but my Legend isnt :S any solution?
  18. hi guys,
    i got a legend the other day, and its working perfect, except for the wifi issue. i go to the wifi screen, and it connects to the network no problem, but when i open the browser, it tells me THE WEB PAGE IS NOT AVAILABLE on every site i try to enter... any ideas on how to get past this problem? would be much appreciated..
  19. Ferox

    Ferox Member

    In wifi settings, click on the menu button it will bring up wifi sleep options..by default its set to 15 mins- change it to "never" - it seems to have helped for me.
  20. i tried that aswell. but as soon as i open the browser, it shows the 'web page not available' message. i dont even get to go see any site. any other suggestions?
  21. waelboy

    waelboy Lurker

    I tried that too and it didnt work :S
  22. waelboy

    waelboy Lurker

    Hello Guys,

    I have fixed this problem by changing the wireless usb i am using, but now i am facing another problem. The problem is that it keep disconnecting and reconnecting. I tried the Sleep Options, and it didnt work, i switched between channels and it didnt work as well. Is there any other solution to try?

    Hope to get a reply :(

  23. rayhoo

    rayhoo Lurker

    Guys, can you indicate the following info? I'm have no this issue.
    1. WiFi AP brand and model names?
    2. Legend Rom code version?
    3. Any more detail info such as reproduce steps?
  24. waelboy

    waelboy Lurker

    How do i get these info out of the mobile?
  25. balboa41

    balboa41 Lurker

    Hi everyone, looks like there is a problem. But I had to admit I was happily using Connectify as router until 2 days ago. I don't remember if I updated anything on the phone, but looks like it is something like that.

    I have actually two problems:

    1) The phone never gets an IP Address from the connectify router. I just see it a long time trying "obtaining IP address from..." then it says "unsuccessful".

    2) The phone won't use a DNS Server.

    I can talk about the 2nd problem because if I manually set an IP Address for the wireless connection on the phone, it gets connected, I can browse my PC files, I can ping the phone from the PC, everything, even I can browse the web, BUT....by IP Addresses... I can get to web sites only by typing it IP Address on the browser.

    All of that is weird. I get connection just if I configure wifi manually, but the connection is kind of limited. I have tried a lot of DNS Servers but nothing. If I turn on Mobile Internet, it works 100%, but here it is expensive so I prefer wifi.

    Anyone with a suggestion?

    Note: My Android phone is the HTC Legend, Android OS Version 2.1 with all actual updates. Connectify was working ok for a few days, and I haven't changed anything to it. I even tried reinstalling it, but nothing. I actually can use other WiFi connections, such like using real routers/access points...so it could be something bad with Connectify/Legend.

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