Help Wifi problems


My first unit worked for about 2 days and then didnt work with Wifi at all. I received a replaced unit yesterday. It worked fine yesterday but same problem today. I tried resetting the unit but again same thing. I have a Droid too and wifi is working fine on that. I know its a known issue but i'd hate to get another unit if im gonna have the same problem again. Has anyone heard if motorola is gonna fix this issue in the next update or anything??


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I sure hope it's soon. I'm having the same problem with wifi. And I'm on my second DX. CSR told me there would be an update, but WHEN?


My wifi is spotty. Im sitting about 4 feet from the router and have 3 bars. Not to mention it is slower than 3g. My computer speeds are nearly 20mb downstream. Not sure what the deal is.