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WiFi reconnect issue with Samsung i5503

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Puneeth, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Puneeth

    Puneeth Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Hi Experts,
    I bought a Samsung i5503, but I am oberving a strange problem, which is annoying me a lot, after mobile randonly disconnects from Wifi router, no matter what I do it does not re-connect, I used wifi fixer as well but no use. The only option that works is reload of the wifi Router, I use NetGear ADSL wireless router. I had no problem with Nokia 5800 or my laptop.
    Is it a bug with Andriod 2.1? Is it fixed in 2.2? or a h/w issue with mobile? If there is a workaround please let me know.

    Please let me know awaiting your reply.

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. Mr.Greendevil

    Mr.Greendevil Lurker

    May be you would be out of range of Wifi or rather try restarting your router and try again to connect..:)
  3. Puneeth

    Puneeth Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I am just couple of feet away and Mobile shows signal strength as excellent.
  4. intex38

    intex38 Lurker

    hi puneeth
    how did you solve your problem
    I'm facing the some problem

  5. silverfernfox

    silverfernfox Lurker

    Hi, there I have a i5503T. I am trying to connect to my local Wi-Fi connection. I stand two feet away and the phone still can connect. I am trying to set up a gmail account so I can use the navigation but it is not playing ball. Any help please?
  6. Stash68

    Stash68 Member

    Try changing the security u r using.
    EG, if ur using WEP try using WPA.
    I vaguely remember reading some where about an issue like yours and it was the security, im not sure of the details, sorry.
  7. kelly1025

    kelly1025 Lurker

    Hi, i lost my g mail password in my phone aft i unplug the battery. Now i cant connect to android market to downloading or upgrade my app.. anybody can teach me what should i do to settle this problem...:(:( thank you...
  8. R1ggs

    R1ggs Lurker

    I've noticed there is nothing specific to the model of phone with this issue. I bought my Droid phone (LG - Optimus) 4 days ago. Everything seems to bee just great.

    Except the Wifi issue. If my phone goes into Standby upon resume I am told I don't not have an internet connection. It won't use the data on my mobile network it just tells me I have no internet connection but the wifi status states it is connected to my router although the status icon is not green. It is white. Turning wifi off then back on solves the problem 99.9% of the time. Except once when it refused to turn itself back on.

    I have mobile data enabled, use of Wifi networks enabled. I have installed several apps and uninstalled several apps. Doesn't matter though because the Wifi still fails.

    I would assume it was the 2wire router I am using but if my phone cannot detect an internet connection then why does it say it's connected to my router and why won't it just use the mobile network? There aren't many answers to this issue and lest I restore the phone to factory state I am fine with turning the wifi off and on again. The phone is an LG. I have seen other threads with different phones having this issue so I suspect it is related directly to the Droid OS software. It's a real pain in the behind. This means I have to shut the wifi off to even attempt to have the phone use the mobile network for internet. Which is never as fast. Has anyone seen a fix for this out of the 10 or so threads that are located on these forums that discuss the same issues?

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