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wifi sharing stuck on and won't turn off

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leoman924, Aug 14, 2012.

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    hi, im new to the forums. i have a proclaim and ive had this problem for a little while. i bought this phone from straight talk and i started to use it as a wifi hotspot using foxfi. after im done i shut turn off the hotspot and close the app using task manager. now the problem is, is that the wifi sharing will stay on, and it wont go off until i uninstall foxfi. every now and then even after i uninstall foxfi the wifi sharing still wouldn't go off, so i had to reset my phone to factory defaults. it did this to me the other day, so i reset my phone to factory again, and i learned on s forums that using my phone as a hotspot is against the agreement with straight talk and they then can terminate my account. so i stopped using foxfi or any other wifi hotspot app. but when i woke up this morning, my phone came unplugged from the wall (which didnt really matter because under normal circumstances my phone will last 2 days without charge) i looked at my phone and it was at 25% battery. i looked at the battery use and the wifi sharing was active, and i didnt even do anything to activate it to my knowledge. and now my battery just drains a lot faster and it irritates me to no end. and if i open up the info in battery use and hit force stop it doesnt even stop it. im about at my wits end. i dont want to have to reset my phone every time this happens. can anybody help me with this. would rooting my phone be able to solve this problem?thanks for any help that is given in advance

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