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Wifi stopped working on my phone suddenly.

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by twinwonw, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Hello, last night in morning my wifi on my HTC Rezound was working perfectly. However, after coming back from school my wifi suddenly stopped working.

    I tried to solve the problem by turning on and off my phone and then connecting to wifi, but still didn't work. I also tried turning off my router then connect to wifi again. All my other devices at home wifi works perfectly, but it's just my phone that just happened suddenly.

    Whenever it's trying to obtain ip adress from the network it will fail to connect every single time.

    Please help!

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  2. Rxpert83

    Rxpert83 Dr. Feelgood

    Hello, I have moved your thread to the HTC rezound forums where other members with your device can help you
  3. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    If you do a WiFi Scan, does it see the routers SSID?

    Settings -> WiFi, make sure it is turned on, and then tap into the WiFi icon, is your SSID listed in the list or does it say "Not in range"?

    You could also try deleting the network (long press and select Forget Network), then try to reconnect.
  4. zazan

    zazan Android Enthusiast

    Also if you just got the ICS update you may benefit from doing a factory reset. That is the only thing that stopped this issue for me. I know, I know, a factory reset is a pain in the ass.
  5. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    When my wifi is turned on it does show the SSID, and I tried deleting the network and then reconnecting it, but when i'm connecting to my wifi it'll just say scanning, then obtaining ip address, then simply disconnect. Either that or it'll say network error or wrong password (wrong password can't be right since I've tried on other device and password is definitely correct)
  6. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm not sure if I ever got the ICS update since, I never updated my phone because I got the phone in May.
  7. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I also need to add that my wifi has been working fine few days ago, but just suddenly my wifi is stuck in "obtaining ip address" then disconnect then start over and over again.

    I really need to know how to solve this problem. Thank you.
  8. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    Mine has not done this on ICS, but when I was on Gingerbread it would do what you describe, Obtaining IP Address stuck, and toggling on Airplane mode and then toggling it off would usually kick it enough to start connecting. Not sure if it's the same issue or not, but worth a shot.
  9. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I tried toggling on and off the airplane mode, then try connecting to wifi, but it still ends up stuck at "obtaining ip address" then disconnect and start endless cycle. And this has been happening for over 5 days now.
  10. acejavelin

    acejavelin Android Expert

    Can you connect to ANY WiFi network like work, Starbucks, McDonalds, or anything?
  11. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Yes, I can connect to other wifi for example I went to my friend's house to see wifi works and it connected there, so I'm guessing it's my routers problem.
  12. twinwonw

    twinwonw Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I've concluded that the problem for wifi stuck "obtaining at ip address" is some problem with my router perhaps, since when I use my phone and other place for wifi it works fine.

    But, I don't really want to go through the hassle of getting a new router, so should I just get a new phone instead because I have a warranty placed on my phone for a whole year so I can get a new Rezound for free.
  13. I'm having the exact same issue. My droid stopped working last week at my house, but works everywhere else. However, all of my other devices connect at my home. Did you find a solution to the issue? I would really like to start using my wifi instead of data plan again. Thank you!
  14. nativecodder

    nativecodder Newbie

    First off, it's not your phone, as you already concluded there is a problem with your router. Verizon won't give you a phone for that reason as they will probably have you go somewhere else and see if it connects, which it will as you have seen. Or they will say as long as you can get online using the data plan, they will not support the usage of a third party router.

    Second you won't get a new phone as it will be "refurbished" or the term they use is "like new." A like new phone makes me nervous, it was returned for some reason, most likely defective at one point.

    A wireless N router is only $50 and not hard to setup.

    How old is your router? They are only good for a couple of years and then burn out. I've seen it many times. If you removed the wireless connection on say your laptop and tried to reconnect to the router, I bet it would have a hard time establishing a connection.

    I had the same problem as you a few months ago. My router was only 2 years old. I removed the wireless connection from my laptop and then tried to reconnect to the router ( removing wireless connection as if it was never in the laptop to begin with and had to put the WPA2 key back in) Sometimes my laptop worked other times it did not. That's how I knew the router was failing. Also I work on computers for a living doing computer repair. Trust me routers go bad after a couple of years.
  15. nativecodder

    nativecodder Newbie

    I posted a response to the member above you. Didn't realize his post was from August. However, it still applies to you as well. You need to replace your home router.
  16. benreaves

    benreaves Newbie

    Does your router limit the # of devices that can connect? Mine does, and when my phone tries to connect *after* my wife's laptop, my phone goes into the state as you described. Some printers also connect even if you don't plan to do wifi printing. Maybe a neighbor is connecting?
    Is your router 802.11n or is it both n and g? Is it either/or? Your device may be unable to connect to n. My router is g and n but device connects to only g.
    I write these only because I've had the same experience. My solution was to change some of the router settings - each one is different so you'll have to see your manual.

  17. Kreidol

    Kreidol Lurker

    I had the same problem on my HTC DNA. I was connected, but my phone was acting as if I were not. In addition, it would only do this sometimes, not all of the time.

    If you go into the advanced menu options under your Network settings, you'll see something along the lines of "DLNA auto-IP: Check to use DLNA when no DHCP server is available". Mine was checked when I was having this issue. I do use DHCP reservation on my local network, so I unchecked that (turned off DLNA), turned my Wi-fi off and then on again, and presto! wi-fi started working correctly again.

    Now keep in mind, you may have trouble on non-DHCP networks if you go elsewhere, like to an open network, so you may have to switch that back on to get it to work there, I'm not sure. Anyway, the above should resolve your issue if it's the same as mine was.

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