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Wifi Tether no longer working well

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Sebbyisme15, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Sebbyisme15

    Sebbyisme15 Lurker
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    So i have an odd problem here. I left to Colorado from Washington in late June, and returned to Washington in early July. Before i left, my Wifi Tether app version 3.2 worked wonderfully. I could watch videos, play games online, and pretty much do anything without any lag. It worked effectively for around a year or so. Ever since i got back, however, it has become painfully slow. It usually takes 1-3 minutes to load a webpage now, and youtube is out of the question. I made sure that i went back to LTE/CDMA after switching to global for the road trip, and even ended up factory resetting my phone just to make sure that something on the phone that i downloaded while on the trip didn't interfere with Wifi Tether. When not tethering, the phone internet speed is the same and since i've been tethering for so long, i doubt I was randomly throttled this particular month as i haven't been using more data then i usually do. Oh, i tired downloading other tethering apps and the new 3.3 version of wifi tether, but those didn't even work at all. I'm running jellybean and have Verizon. Help greatly appreciated.

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  2. Sebbyisme15

    Sebbyisme15 Lurker
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    Well, almost a month, 162 views, and no help. Rather disappointing...

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