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Wifi Tether to iPad

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by masterjedi73, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. masterjedi73

    masterjedi73 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else. i've searched and can't find a solution....

    I have a rooted droid 2.2 (easy root). I'm trying to use wifi tether to my ipad, but it won't connect. I've reset the network connections. Thoughts?


  2. GideonX

    GideonX Guest

    Install a different kernel? I've always used ChevyNo1s, wifi tether works right off the bat.
  3. DroidDO

    DroidDO Member

    Google "wifi tether for root". You should find the Google code website that hosts the project. There are several different versions of the tether app listed in downloads. Try different ones until you get one that works. also, make sure you have the access control set to disabled. I usually have to start and stop the tether a few times before it will take; ie, turn off tether on phone, turn off wifi on ipad, turn on tether on phone, turn on wifi on ipad... and repeat.
  4. DroidDO

    DroidDO Member

    But let me add, once I did get tether working to the ipad I didn't have to do these steps any more
  5. StrifeJester

    StrifeJester Android Enthusiast

    I use Barnacle with the stock kernel. All you have to do if you use that app is turn off the the WPA auto. If you goto barnacle's website it says right on the front page the exact option to turn off for the droid with 2.2.
  6. masterjedi73

    masterjedi73 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Awesome. After working on it for a while this morning, I put it away and turned everything off. When I turned it on to try some of these tips, it worked right away. not sure why, but I don't really care. lol

    thanks, guys.

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