Wifi Tethering

So im new to the whole android OS and looking to join in very soon.

The feature im mostly interested in is WIFI tethering.
Id like you guys to suggest to me the cheapest handset that i can accomplish such a feature with??

Weather the phone comes with the app to do it OR it can be done via alternate methods [root].

tnx in adv for your suggestions..


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Hi Mastershot,

I'm not aware of any devices that can tether as standard, but only because I am fairly new to Android, I'm not saying there aren't any. I can achieve this on mine (X10) by rooting, which is now available in an app which does it for you in seconds. Apparently, this does not achieve a 'true' root, but does give superuser permissions, or something to this effect. This app also allows you to 'de-root'. The app is called 'Universal Androot' and as far as I know, is compatible with all android phones, but if you do join Android, it goes without saying to always do your research as it can harm your handset.



For finding true AP support (infrastructure mode that is widely supported by WiFi devices) can be hit or miss depending on hardware and carrier customizations. The Nexus 1 (purchasing info at Availability in your country : Place an order - Nexus One Help) can do it natively. I'm not sure if the Verizon Droid retained that feature of Android 2.2, but they advertise it on the Droid X commercials. The Samsung Galaxy S line of phones is capable (might require root depending on carrier customizations). Most Android phones can do ad-hoc wifi (for example the PS3 can't connect to ad-hoc) by rooting and installing Barnacle or android-wifi-tether.


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@mastershotx, most carriers allow you to do mobile hotspot using your Android phone with additional monthly fee.

In my humble opinion, if you are paying additional fee anyway, you might as well buy the broadband aircard and pay that subscription instead. I have the Verizon broadband aircard on my laptop and I absolutely love. I won't trade it for anything else. :D

As of the phone price, I never do unlocked phone and I always stay in the carrier's contract to take advantage of the subsidies and discounts, so I have no idea what is cheaper out there. I suggest you to either check on the carriers' web sites or visit their local stores for such information.

Hope this helps.