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WiFi Tethering?

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by BillC, Feb 22, 2009.

  1. BillC

    BillC Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Someone from WMWifiRouter had mentioned a couple months ago they were working on a product for Android but I haven't heard anymore. I was hoping they'd drop their product when paid apps went live. Any news?

    Any other Wifi tethering out there that doesn't require me to root my phone?


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  2. McDeezy

    McDeezy Lurker

    There is currently an application called 'tether Wifi' on the market for 8.95. You need root/super user access. Not sure how reliable it is.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Android Enthusiast

    Why would anyone want to tether wifi?
  4. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    So they can use their G1's data plan with their laptop, without having to rely upon flakey and funky bluetooth tethering.
  5. benmarvin

    benmarvin Member

    There's also an app called Ndroi that does tethering, need a rooted phone as well.

    N3TWORK BURN3R Android Enthusiast

    Wouldnt they need to tether the 3G connection then? Instead of WIFI?
  7. johnkzin

    johnkzin Well-Known Member

    uh... no.

    The tethering medium (wifi, bluetooth, USB) is something local. It's how you connect to the phone, not how you connect to the internet.

    So, the wifi tethering means you're using wifi for the link between your phone and laptop. Bluetooth tethering means you're using bluetooth for the link between your phone and laptop. USB tethering mean you're using a USB cable for the link between your phone and laptop.

    To "tether via the 3G connection" would imply that your laptop is already directly connected to the internet....
  8. pacothebandit

    pacothebandit Android Enthusiast

    Actually i have this app on my rooted phone and it works great. It's totally worth rooting your phone and paying 9 dollars for. The developer is a great guy and when you submit any bugs you may come across he is quick to release an update for that bug.

    I highly recommend this app
  9. rdfry1

    rdfry1 Newbie

    Dude, you can download wifi tether for root users for free from the market.
  10. pacothebandit

    pacothebandit Android Enthusiast

    How do you do that without cheating the developer, last time I checked that's exactly what it is or correct me if I'm wrong...
  11. rdfry1

    rdfry1 Newbie

    The developer that has the paid application took the free information that was developed by persons on Xda-developers and made a paid application out of it. Another person on xda-developers took the same free information and made his own free app that does exactly the same thing for free. If you search around you will find that you can do alot of things on this phone for free.So don't blindly buy things without researching first.
  12. Adrian4408

    Adrian4408 Newbie

    I'm getting my HTC Hero tomorrow and can't wait! I've been looking into this WIFI Tethering stuff and wanted to know 2 things, can I use it without rooting my phone (don't want to cock thing up on my first day with the phone) and secondly, does it work as a WIFI connection for the Wii and PS3?
  13. wuthton

    wuthton Android Enthusiast

    To use WiFi tether your phone must be rooted.

    Unless you want to connect multiple devices at once or you do not have a usb cable handy I have found little benefit. WiFi tethering murders your battery so I now just keep a usb cable with my netbook.

    You could connect a wii/ps3 but I doubt 3g/hsdpa will be up to online gaming if that is what you want.
  14. michael338

    michael338 Lurker

    Hey there guys.I already rooted my htc evo.I have the app android wifi tether on my phone.When i use my laptop and look for available networks it does show the androidtether.Then I connect the laptop to it.But at the bottom it says limited connectivity.Its not full access.Are there settings somewhere i need to change? Cause even when i open up a page it says not found.

    Thank you.
  15. mastershotx

    mastershotx Lurker

    Yea dude.. just uncheck "notify me when this connection has limited or no connectivity"
    Its in the properties of your wireless area connection.
  16. stainlessray

    stainlessray Android Enthusiast

    If you have any other networks that you frequently use you may need to disable them in order for the correct enabling of the new network.... gets conflicty if you have more than 1 enabled.
  17. TheBiles

    TheBiles Android Enthusiast

    There's also a FREE wifi tether app on the Market called "Wireless Tether for Root Users."

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