Nov 29, 2013
Hello everybody, thanks for your time to view my topic, hope to have solution for this.
I have a problem with my Wi-Fi in my android phone, when i put to charge it, wifi automatically will be turned on, how to fix this?

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2
Android: Jelly Bean 4.1.2

Apps installed:
-Adobe Reader
-AVG Antivirus
-Battery Doctor
-Clean Fonts
-Clean Master
-Doodle Jump
-Filma me titra shqip (Movie with albanian tittles)
-Gif Camera
-IPKO Menu (my operator menu)
-MyScript Calculator
-Photo Editor
-Google Translate

Thanks in advance.
Sincerely Blerim.
On my phone under Settings > Advanced is wifi options including Keep wifi on when plugged in

Does this help?
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