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Wifi won't connect, factory reset didn't help

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by DinaS3, Feb 20, 2016.

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    I have a Galaxy S3. A few weeks ago, my wifi randomly stopped working. It finds wifi networks quickly, but after entering the wifi password, instead of connecting, it will go to "saved, secured". If I try connecting several times, occasionally it will give an authentication error, but then go back to "saved, secured" after the next try.

    I've tried everything I could find on this forum and elsewhere online to fix it and so far nothing has worked...

    - Rebooting
    - Turning flight mode on and off
    - Forgetting network and entering password again
    - Changing various network settings
    - Different wifi networks (tried on at least 20 as I'm currently traveling), including an open one.
    - Two different sim cards, no sim card
    - Various factory resets
    - Wipe cache
    - Apps that supposedly fix your wifi

    From what I've read, the factory reset not working likely means it's the hardware. I know very little about how phones work in the background but if my phone finds the networks without any trouble, is it really likely to be a hardware issue?

    Is there anything else I could possibly try? There's no personal data on the phone anymore so I'm not concerned about losing data. And frankly it's a bit of a brick without wifi so not worried about anything else either really. I'm in rural Vietnam at the moment so taking it to a shop to get fixed isn't an option. I do have a Mac with me that I can connect it to if necessary.

    I'd appreciate any ideas that might help fix this. Thanks in advance!

  2. svim

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    In your list of things you've tried, regarding '- Wipe cache', if that's referring to clearing the caches of individual apps installed on your phone have you also tried wiping the system cache partition? The system cache is different than those app caches but since you also mentioned doing a Factory Reset it's generally a good idea to clear the system cache partition.

    If that doesn't help fixing your WiFi problems, restart your S3 in Safe Mode. When running in Safe Mode it's just the basic Android system so if your WiFi is functioning as it should than it's time to check what apps you might have installed that are in some way interfering with your phone's networking.
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