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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by fitamajig, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. fitamajig

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    I got this tablet for Christmas and it is my first android device, ergo I don't know a lot about it. But it was working great and I love it, but a few days ago the WiFi at my house popped up with a message saying "authentication error occured" and one at the bottom that says "incorrect password" even though I entered it exactly correct. (I should probably mention WiFi works fine everywhere else, even places with passwords.) I turned WiFi off and on again, turned the tablet off, even reset factory settings. Are there any options that aren't fiddling with the router settings because I can't do that. Thanks

  2. Rukbat

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    Install Wifi Analytics. See if there are two signals in the area with the same name, and you're trying to connect to the wrong one. (An Android phone, if you let it choose, will try to connect to the strongest signal it has the data for - and the data [like the password] is linked by the SSID - the name you see for the signal.)

    The problem is that all routers from a given manufacturer come with the samename - Cisco and Linksys (same company) routers are all named linksys. They don't want you to have to name the router, but in this day and age, with at least one wifi router in every house and apartment, they should leave the name blank and force you to enter one when you first set it up.

    With a phone, it's too easy to walk out of range of your router and into the range of a neighbor's router and if they're the same name, you have a problem. If that's the case, rename yours (you'll have to reconnect all your other wifi devices to it) and the phone shold work.
  3. fitamajig

    fitamajig Lurker
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    I have an xfinity router and it has it's own custom name.
    but when i get WiFi again I'll get that app and see if that's the problem.

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