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Wiggity Wiggity Wiggity Widget

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Asterdroid, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Sorry for the Kris Kross reference. I have a widget question, though. Are there any widgets that are known to cause launchers to force close? I've had some issues with FCs of multiple launcher replacement apps. I'm starting to think it's something other than the launchers I've tried.

    Here's a list of the widgets I'm using. Are any of these known to cause the launcher to force close?

    Audio Manager Pro
    Beautiful Widgets (some toggles, and home)
    New York Times
    NewsRob Pro
    Note Everything (shortcuts, not widgets)
    Apps Organizer (again shortcuts)
    Pure Messenger
    Pure Calendar
    Sad Trombone

  2. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Ah balls.... I meant to post this in Support and Troubleshooting. Can someone move this please? Thank you kindly.
  3. stanfna

    stanfna Well-Known Member

    Jump, jump....the daddy mac will make ya...LOL!!!
  4. Asterdroid

    Asterdroid Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    Anyone having FC issues with any of these widgets?
  5. dcesq06

    dcesq06 Newbie

    I have a lot of issues with Pure Messenger. It seems that most (if not all) of my FCs come when I'm doing something through the Pure widget (going through messages, replying, etc.).

    It has happened regularly on ADW as well as LP.

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