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Wiimote controller: Wii Would Like to Play - For Free!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by p4w4rr10r, Jun 14, 2010.

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    Jun 10, 2010

    Jun 10, 2010

    Wiimote Controller is a simple app designed to do one thing and do it really well: connect your Wiimote to your Android device for gaming bliss on the go. Used in conjunction with one of the many fine emulators available on the Market, it can go a long way toward making those portable sessions of Super Mario Bros. 3 or Sonic the Hedgehog (depending on what side of the playground you're from) that much closer to the home console experience. Also (and this is a biggy) it's completely free: other Market solutions cost up to $4 to accomplish the same thing. Let's dive in:

    Getting Connected

    The step-by-step guide makes setup a snap.

    Setup was relatively painless, and the app guides you through the process. One technical note: I was unable to connect using the "press one and two" method, and instead had to use the red sync button under the battery cover of the Wiimote. Not a huge deal, and it was probably due to it already being synced with my Wii at home. Once hooked up, you must go into the settings menu and select Wiimote Controller as an input method, since the app seems to "spoof" a keyboard or other input device to the Android OS. Another nifty feature of this particular solution: when your Wiimote disconnects, the app will automatically switch back to whichever keyboard or input solution you prefer, saving you the trouble of jumping through that hoop next time you try to bang out a text message.

    Gameplay Test

    Yongzh's series of emulators work with Wiimote Controller out of the box

    I tested this app using the excellent Gameboid emulator, also available from the Market. (The entire catalog of "-oid" emulators by developer Yongzh in the market contain built-in support for outside controller mapping. All of these have "lite" versions that just lack the save state feature that makes Mega Man a breeze.) Controller response was tight, and appears to be more limited by your hardware than any lag in the connection (the MyTouch did lag in more action-oriented titles like the Castlevania series, but this appears to be universal, whether it's touch, hardware, or bluetooth controls.)

    Watch out Hoenn, this Pokemon Trainer is armed with Android

    One potential issue here - if you desire to play SNES, Genesis, or upcoming PSX emulators, mapping can be awkward, as the stock Wiimote does not have enough buttons. However, new for the 0.3 alpha, the devs have added Classic Controller support, which works flawlessly. PSX support + Wiimote Controller App + FFVII Rom = drool.

    Closing Comments: Battery Life & More

    Lombre used Wiimote control! It's super effective!

    Battery life is comparable to bluetooth headset drain; that is, not terrible but you shouldn't count on getting 11 or 12 straight hours while playing with the Wii Remote. As far as the practicality of using this method to play games, it's really not too bad depending on your situation. I have a 2 hour ride to work several times a week, and this fits the bill perfectly. While playing with the touch input, it's bearable; using the Wiimote instead is butter in comparison.

    One major caveat: according to the app description and dozens of irate, seething, bitter user reviews (yes, on the internet! Imagine that!), the WC app does not support devices with Sense UI at this time. Major bummer for you newly minted EVO and Droid Incredible users. Hopefully a fix will be coming soon. However, for those running stock Android or other mods, Wiimote Controller seems to be the ticket for a more console-like experience on the go - and at the right price to boot.

    PROS: Easy setup, zero lag, absolutely free, classic controller support
    CONS: No Sense UI support



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