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Wiko Fab 4G being picky about country?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Schwanstein, Feb 28, 2020.

  1. Schwanstein

    Schwanstein Lurker
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    Hey all,

    my Fab 4G doesn't let me use its regular call function when everytime I'm in India. I'm using a local prepaid SIM-card and can use pretty much any other feature of the phone, incl. online-calls and video-calls. Once I'm back in another airport, things work normal. I've been to China too and didn't have that problem there.

    I wonder, is there any kind of setting that I haven't taken care of, cause at this point it doesn't seem like a technical fault to me.

  2. Jacob85

    Jacob85 Lurker

    Off the top of my head. Do you have roaming properly set up for your mobile contract? Have you tried the sim card in another phone to see what happens?
    You could try to speak to your networks customer service. I don't think it's the case since any smartphone should be able to handle it, but there are also kind of frequency restrictions in India.(https://www.certification-india.com/en/wpc/what-is-wpc/)


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