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wildfire on three, still no update!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by alexsally, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. alexsally

    alexsally Lurker
    Thread Starter

    as in the title really..Everything on the net seems to say three rolled out the update to 2.2 in January. Not here it hasn't.:mad:
    come on three. play the game. I've checked for update and it says my phone is up to date.

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  2. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    yeah 3 are so crap that they are blaming HTC for them sucking at making an update i would just install stock rom without all the 3 branded shit lol
  3. nexy33

    nexy33 Newbie

    anyone got a 3 nanadroid backup to roll back to ?
  4. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    you cant roll back if you install stock rom.
  5. ssg4583

    ssg4583 Lurker

    ok you can believe me or not but i got my update on the 3rd of February i thought i would just try my luck and search for a update and it just appeared saying there is a available update your your phone idk :thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking::thinking:
  6. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    is it 2.2.1 ? Froyo might be a software fix for the Froyo update
  7. ssg4583

    ssg4583 Lurker

    yer mine says 2.2.1 but has just messes up as i can't use apps that are on my memory card and can't move them back

    got them back
  8. chips

    chips Lurker

    the missus got her update on 3 today on her wildfire. 2.2.1.

  9. nexy33

    nexy33 Newbie

    running SUnAaBh v1.1 is it possible to roll that back 3 bloatware or to stock ?
  10. timthumb

    timthumb Newbie

    we got 2.1.1 on phone today is that right ?? it was an update
  11. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    no thats still eclair froyo is 2.2.1
    3 mobile are just releasing update that will help with Froyo because they are so shit at customising their firmware they take forever to update.
  12. timthumb

    timthumb Newbie

    just found the 2.2 update downloaded it ...bricked the phone sense ui wont work...having to send it away 5-10 days no loan phone.......

    or to the shop no. 6 on waiting list for loan phone and 10 days to repair

    it is her phone she is livid

    please stay away from it until its stable

    and pleeease make a back up i didnt

    booo hoo :mad:
  13. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    where did you get the update from ?
    and does the phone power on still ?
    try holding down the Volume down button then press the power button.

    send me the link of the "update"
  14. Harry Boat

    Harry Boat Newbie

    The FroYo update finally arrive on my son's Wildfire last night, but only after another update to Eclair. It works a treat although Angry Birds is still laggy.
  15. gunners6

    gunners6 Lurker

    Got my update yesterday.
  16. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    Angry birds will always be laggy as the wildfire doesn't have a GPU and has a slow CPU
  17. bigbosa

    bigbosa Newbie

    Seems ok on mine :thinking:

    Just wish I had not rushed into upgrading to OTA froyo....hope unrevoked come out with root soon
  18. ryanraven

    ryanraven Android Enthusiast

    dont count on it, it may be a long long time until a update is available as the rumour is they have bricked many phones because of the new HBOOT version.
  19. timthumb

    timthumb Newbie

    got the update from three.....her indoors is absolutely livid with me and i dont blame her

    i tried factory reset and no joy oh i forgot she didnt have a back up so lost all her info
    oh dear dear :(

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