Help Wildfire S tips ?


are there any tips and tricks that will speed up the Wildfire S or even improve things ?

Please post your setups what you have turned on and off and for what reason etc.

Also if you know of any decent Widgets that are better than the HTC stock ones.

ill start one off, ive been using the free Juice Defender to save some battery, ive used it now for a month and its working for me.

Juice defender settings > open JD app, click "Status" top right, set it to Aggressive scroll down a little and click set "confirm, then click home button.

ive also downloaded the HTC Evo 3D wallpapers free off Android market, they are NOT 3d but are very good wallpapers.:D

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Launcher wise, I use Go Launcher Ex. I lose some of the Sense widgets, but I get a customisable dock on the bottom with a few more useful shortcuts on it. I use Bobclockd3 as the clock replacement.

There's not much else I can add, it's my work phone and they're really funny about what apps etc I can install on it.
Fast Reboot Pro - handy for killing any apps running in the background and speeding up your phone. If you don't want to fork out for it Advanced Task Killer is dead on, except you must do it manually.

Dolphin Browser HD - considerably faster than using the built in HTC internet browser

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I just gotten my Wildfire S a few days ago, so I only have a few tips:

You could read the manual:
ON YOU PHONE: /sdcard/User Manual/20110413_Marvel_HTC_WWE_UM.pdf
ON THE WEB: HTC Wildfire S user manual download | new htc cell phones

If you want advanced features, like, actually be able to see the files on your device, try downloading a file manager. I use File Explorer by Apposite Designs.

The build-in Power Control widget is useful.

I think that the vibrator feels sort of cheap, like something you would expect in a device with toddlers as the target group. So I turn it off at Settings > Sound

You might also look at an alternative keyboard. I don't know what's available.
hi! just had my phone for 2 weeks, so here goes...
app2sd free - essential for keeping on top of your phone's internal memory
(speed booster - helps with memory too)
also, keep the number of widgets down! when i just got the phone i downloaded every useless piece of half-interesting old toot, getting carried away. now, i'm down to the basics and my phone lasts longer. good luck!