Help Will a HB5N1H battery work?

HB5N1H battery seems to have the same part number as the premia except the premia has HB5N1HA, does the 'A' mean less juice in the battery or just completely different models?

I sure would like an upgraded battery.


Looking around I don't see physical specs but it might fit. Try to email battrybay and see if they will supply you with the size specs and make a comparison. Not too sure about the back though although you could ask about that too.. If you do post your findings there are others that are very interested.


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I have emailed them before making this thread, just thought some lurker here could find the exact difference between the HB5N1H battery and the HB5N1HA battery lets just wait for my email reply


I looked at some youtube videos the phones look identical but the volume control is in the othere side and the charging port is on the bottom of the phone but the battery fits


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Which one the 3600 mAh? I will wait a bit and see but I don't want my phone fat as a brick. The 1800 mAh sounds like a fair upgrade and will probably not make the phone thicker since there is no back cover. Please tell us once you get the battery and if it is worth it. Thanks in advance.