Will ad-supported apps still work without a connection or SIM card?.

Almost all of the Android apps I have installed come from Google Play and are ad-supported and thus, require the "internet connection" permission. I also have a number of paid ones.

I was wondering though (out of nothing more than curiosity), what would happen if I suddenly dumped my carrier, turned off Wifi, removed the SIM card and left it like this for a month?...a year?. No connection. Nothing.

Would the apps suddenly stop working after so many days (or perhaps launches)?. Would I one day be prompted by an alert telling me that an internet connection was needed so that a fresh batch of ads could be loaded?. Would the apps just suddenly cease to function one day (or become limited in functionality)?.

I love my phone, am very satisfied with my carrier and have no plans to ditch my connection and I don't mind the ads at all (we all have to eat and pay bills). Also, no tinfoil hat here. Just curious and nothing else :)

Does anyone know exactly how this works?.

-Thanks, BJ


Android Enthusiast
It will depend on the nature of the app. If the app functions is to reach out to certain web server to retrieve info then obviously when turn off connection, it will not work as in show the information retrieved from server to display on screen.