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Will be a reward if you can help my phone to boot!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dante Bruni, Apr 7, 2016.

  1. Dante Bruni

    Dante Bruni Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Okay so this is a very weird problem and can't find anything around so I really need help! First of all this is my first post so please excuse anything I do wrong. Secondly, I'm not sure if I'm aloud to do this but if anyone can help and resolve this problem(if their even is a fix) I will send over $25US Paypal(not much but it's something) :D. Any I bought a used Samsung Galaxy S5 back in December of last year. There was only a single problems, the volume down button doesn't work. So about 3 weeks ago, my phone died, and I didn't think much of it, went home and put it on the charger and left it to charge. When I came back to it and tried turning it back on, it would not work. It would try and load. First flash the Samsung logo, then go to Verizon logo. then try and load to my main screen. The problem occurs when doing this it just freezes and after a certain period of time will just black out, and go back to trying to reboot. I tried hooking it up to my computer, but it won't recognized it, and even when it's put on the charger it freezes until you take out the battery and turn it back on. There is important pictures on this phone, and some of my schoolwork that I would like to get off. Some of these pictures I can not replace and I don't wanna lose them, but the more and more I try to turn on my phone the longer it takes for it to unfreeze and try and reboot.

    One time when I tried loading it a message popped up saying "..........System.Core has faild" I searched this up, and this can be possibly fixed but reseting the cache on the system recovery, but due to the fact that I can't scroll down, on the list in the recovery menu, because the volume down button doesn't work, I'm kinda stuck on what to do next. On another note I can't see this being the problem because it also freezes when charging so I'm kinda lost. Please help!

    **And when I say freezing when charging I mean like it will display the charging symbol and that's it and even when I take out the cord it will still be stuck on the screen until I remove the battery**

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  2. musiclover7

    musiclover7 Well-Known Member

    Follow these steps first and see if it helps:

    How to clear the cache on the Galaxy S5

    1. Turn off your Galaxy S5.

    2. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up and Home buttons simultaneously.

    3. You can release them when you see the Samsung logo with Recovery booting written in blue at the very top of the screen.

    Use the volume buttons to highlight Wipe Cache Partition and use Power to confirm.

    4. You will be brought to the Android System Recovery screen (or a custom recovery if you have one installed – if so, your steps will be slightly different, but basically the same as described here).

    5. Use the volume buttons to scroll down the list to highlight Wipe Cache Partition and use thePower button to confirm your selection.

    You'll see that the cache clear has worked at the bottom of the screen.

    7. You'll see a notification at the bottom of the screen in yellow to show that the system cache has been wiped.

    8. If Reboot System Now is not already highlighted, use the volume keys to highlight Reboot System Now and press the Power button to confirm
  3. Dante Bruni

    Dante Bruni Lurker
    Thread Starter

    MusicLover7, like I said I can not use the volume Button as it doesn't work so doing this process is pointless as in the recovery mode menu I can't go down the list
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  4. musiclover7

    musiclover7 Well-Known Member

    Crap... do both volume buttons not work? You can try going up only and see if it loops back around to the bottom of the list. I have not ever tried that, but it's worth a shot. Otherwise, I have no suggestions..

    You cannot get into download mode without a down button, which would at least enable you to reload the Stock ROM. Sorry man.. Good lucK!
  5. AZgl1500

    AZgl1500 Extreme Android User

    if you really need the photos, take it to a repair shop.
    I was quoted $45 to replace the power button.

    Cell Phone Surgeon.jpg
  6. Chris Cordova

    Chris Cordova Lurker

    Hey there I have a solution to your problem if you still need it. I have a folder with the things I used to fix my s5.
  7. Mr. Boom

    Mr. Boom Android Enthusiast

    A,simple battery pull, and Sim card pull might work.
    Pull battery, and then pull the Sim card out. Wait one minute then put Sim back in, battery in, and try reboot.

    If it boots there is an app called button savior.

    Having said that, in recovery, you only need one volume button, as the highlighted entry will loop around .
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  8. Dante Bruni

    Dante Bruni Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I still do yes

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