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Will Droid still receive OTA if DL update already?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by 4DAIVI PAI2K5, Aug 11, 2010.

  1. 4DAIVI PAI2K5

    4DAIVI PAI2K5 Member
    Thread Starter

    SO does anyone know if the OTA update will be sent even if I manually updated the phone from the DL found on this site? My battery life has been crap since i did the update an curious if the OTA update will help if I can get it?

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  3. 4DAIVI PAI2K5

    4DAIVI PAI2K5 Member
    Thread Starter

    Seems that way haha
  4. AllisonJones

    AllisonJones Lurker

    Wish I knew before I did the manual update! I knew I should have waited...but I didn't...phone hasn't been the same...:(
  5. macrylinda

    macrylinda Lurker

    wamly welcome

    Sure all pro gamer are most welcome... if you can reach out to them it would be great!! Thanks a lot
  6. GJones12345

    GJones12345 Newbie

    I downloaded update from this site and works great no problems
  7. stormwarz

    stormwarz Newbie

    I have the new droid 2 with the 2.2 on it, I can stand it, I am happier with the version i first downloaded. I cant stand the look and screen of the new 2.2 on the Droid 2. I am going to leave my old one alone and not take it when it comes. side by side the downloaded one is faster with a slower processor, and the new one is chunky! Just for everyone doing this. I prepped my install, I did a factory wipe, then did the upgrade. It went off like a charm, no battery issues, no issues with teather with PDA Net, still use Touchdown for my work Exchange, all is damn perfect. Feel bad for those who it went bad for.... hope the update helps everyone

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