Will European GSM Android phones work in the U.S. with T-Mobile?


I'm Moving to the U.S. from London, and I have T-Mobile here in the U.K. I was curious as to if I was to buy and American T-Mobile SIM card, if it would work in my Desire HD? Anyone have any help? Thanks mates.


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According to the specs on HTC's website, the Desire HD doesn't have US 3G frequencies for either T-mobile (AWS 1700) or AT&T (850/1900). You'll still be able to make phone calls and use the EDGE data service on either GSM carrier but you wont be able to take advantage of the faster 3G internet speeds.

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If the phone has decent wifi capabilities, you can use that. It's faster, anyway. Phone calls will work. I've got both unlocked Android (Apollo) and Nokia C6. I mostly use my own wifi at home. Have Skype on both phones.
If you are after TMUS, you can go to a store and get a bring your own phone plan.
You can only get it where a human can explain it to you. It's cheaper, a lot of people jumped to it, found out they could no longer get a subsidized phone and raised h***.