Help Will HDMI work with stereo receiver?


Can I play music from poweramp through the HDMI port on this phone? It would be connected to my stereo receiver directly. I am just tired of always listening to Slacker on bluray just because it sounds better than 3.5mm to red/white.

And if so, does this apply to all Android phones equipped with HDMI? I just use my phone mostly to text/call (30% this), internet (10%), and music (60% this). I do use a lot of apps randomly.

This phone (Charge) was the easiest for me to type on, even better than the hardware keyboards. (Iphone being THE WORST!). And I need something that has a good camera. So, I'd be upgrading from a Droid 2 that lags like crazy and reboots on me all the time. I just need it to be worth it.