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Will I have any issues using my MoPho in Hawaii?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Godfather13, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Not sure if this is a dumb question to ask or not seeing as Hawaii is part of the US, but Im planning a trip over there soon and just wanted to be sure I'd have full use of my phone for calls, texts, apps, gps, etc while there without some extra charge from Sprint.

    Anyone know for sure to ease my mind? Thanks!

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  2. Im pretty sure there will not be any extra charges due to the fact that it is in the us. I would suggest looking at the sprint coverage map to make sure the area your traveling to has service. If it is in the sprint coverage area then there will def not be any extra charges._
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  3. SporkLover

    SporkLover Android Enthusiast

    I use my sprint phone there all the time. Signal coverage is an issue in some parts of the islands but it all depends on where you're going
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  4. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Android Enthusiast

    I had no issues when I went in July
  5. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Depends on which Island.
    I go to Hawaii every year in Oct/Nov (twice if you count this past April) and I've haven't had any issue with Sprint coverage in the metro areas with the Hero, EVO 4G, and my Sierra wireless modem. I have yet to go out there with the Photon, so I'll see in Nov but most likely the Photon's radio are stronger than the EVOs so I am sure I won't have any issue, but this only applies in the metro areas of the islands.

    Now mind you, not all of Hawaii has a signal. There are still certain areas on each of the islands that you may not get a signal at all.
    So far on my journeys theses are the areas.

    Island of Oahu
    West end: Dillingham Airfield area, Yokohama Beach, 1 bar
    East End: at the turn coming into Hanauma Bay 0 bar
    North End: On the Pali Lookout (1 bar), Valley of the Temples, 1 bar

    Island of Kauai
    If on the only main (Route 56, 50) road of the island I got signal, past Kekaha towards the Waimea Canyon, no signal

    Island of Maui
    Route 31 Pi'ilani Highway from marker 18 thru 44 near the Sacred Pools, on and off signal.
    Some parts of the Hana Highway since there are so many twists and turns.
    At the summit of Haleakala crater.

    Island of Hawaii
    At South Point, Volcano and Crater road, a few areas in Pahoa, Saddle Road, all no signal

    We also had a AT&T phone on some of the trips and that also was a hit and miss. But if you plan on staying on mostly main roads or in a populated area like Honolulu/Waikiki etc, then you should be fine.

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  6. Golfdood

    Golfdood Newbie

    I live on Oahu and get signal pretty much everywhere unless traveling into the countryside. The neighbor islands are more concentrated to the town areas, and you will get spotty coverage between them as well as out into the countryside.

    Oahu has decent 4G coverage in the more urban areas. Maui has limited 4G centered in Lahaina, Kihei, Wailuku/Kahului.
  7. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks everyone for the help.

    Twospirits & Golfdood: Off topic here, but can you give me any advice, opinions, suggestions of things to do in Oahu and Maui besides the typical tourist stuff?

    We're staying on Waikiki and in Kaanapali. We plan to see Pearl Harbor, Diamond Head, North Shore, drive the Road to Hana, etc. What other cool things would you recommend? My wifes a big foodie and I know Hawaii isnt known for having the best of foods but are there any spots that are truly worth going to? Anything we should check out at the North Shore besides the beach itself? Is the Dole Plant worth visiting?

    Thanks for all the help.
  8. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Damn where do I begin...
    Okay its long but just click the unhide button. For everyone else, just skip it. :D
    First and foremost, if you do not mind reading, I would highly suggest to get yourself a copy of both the Oahu Revealed and the Maui Revealed book off of Amazon or any book store you buy from. That series is by far the best written guide books I've ever layed my hands on. Besides giving you inside view of things to do on the islands, it also breaks down the reviews of food joints that most would overlook. The same for hotels. (Although my favorite hotel(s) are the ones overlooking Diamond head).
    Now in terms of food, while the book gives you a basic overview of each, I would suggest to download Urbanspoon on to your phone and use it over there, besides Urbanspoon another good resource of food info is..
    Honolulu Magazine online (may want to look also at their previous years list too, thats how I found my best Pastele place on the planet. (Figures i had to go to Hawaii for some outstanding Puerto Rican food) :D anyway, back on topic...
    The same goes for hotels, the Revealed books gives you a basic down to earth info (also provided online by them for Oahu, Maui and the other islands) which you can then use to further research to see if the hotel pick is good enough. They also have an iphone app :eek: version but I like the book better. (The Android version is coming though).

    As for sights.. lets see.
    From Waikiki towards the North shore...
    While one can go up the Pali Hyway to the north side, I like taking the longer route along the shoreline cause it gives a much nicer view of both the ocean, beaches and mountains. and the Blowhole. Either way, when going to the north shore, we get up early and head to the town of Kailua, (nice little town) there is an awesome breakfast joint called Boots' & Kimo. Then we continue northwest and you come across the Byodo-In Temple, near Kaneohe. (seen temples like this in the movies but in real life its awesome). The drive is awesome.
    Then you come across the Polynesian Cultural Village. Some say it is a rip-off, and yes, it takes to long to get there but to be honest i liked it. It gave me an inside view of the Polynesian culture of the islands in the Pacific and the luau while staged, was good. I took the personal tour and while more expensive, you get a personal guide and top notch treatment. Also note its an all day thing, you really can't do the PCC and the north shore in one day.

    As you pass the PCC, on the right is the small area of Laie, there is the Laie Point State Wayside Park, gives you an awesome view of natures fury.

    Further on the way to North Shore you past have the famous Kahuku Shrimp trucks, (Romys being the best). Once you get to the north Shore you hit the Pipeline (big waves), but everytime I go i don't see any lol i just go for the shrimp. :D

    Never been to the Dole plantation (heard its way to expensive and nothing much to see) But I will hit it one day.

    In Honolulu,
    Chinatown for good bargains and food
    Bishop Museum (nice and unique stuff)
    Iolani Palace (feel like a king in this place lol)
    Round Top Drive (awesome views)
    Best luau (The PCC, then Germaine's then Paradise Cove) but the best one is in Maui.

    Best luau (Polynesian Village Luau in Kihei)
    The Road to hana is nice, just take it slow and enjoy the sights and little stops along the way. I tend to go all the away around the island on the south road but since the state refuses to connect the south road to the west road, you end up back mid island. Still the ride is beautiful.
    Haleakala Crater (trust me when i say go prepared, its freaking cold up there)
    The ride up is not so bad but all dark, coming back huh, its like a roller coaster, scary since the passenger is usually on edge since basically you are on the edge of the cliffs lol But its nice seeing the sun come up over the clouds.
    Dragons Teeth on the north side near Kapalua is awesome view of lava formations.
    The Hana Lava Tube in Kaeleku Caverns is different and unique, I liked it.

    If you are daring and have nerves of steal, take route 30 that turns into route 340 on the northern part of the island. Awesome views but the road is scary as crap. Its the devilish version of the Road to Hana. lol
    This quote says it all..
    Oh and coffee plantations and ranches throughout.

    TS out
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  9. wubbie075

    wubbie075 Android Enthusiast

    Dole plant is a waste of time.

    On one of the beaches on the north shore (I think?) you can see sea turtles basking on the beach. They weren't there when I went but we could see them swimming in the water. Really cool.

    Diamond head, is that the volcano crater? If so, it's frikkin amazing. Bring lots of water for the hike to the top, and show us the pics from your MoPho!! :D I took some awesome pics from there when I had my Evo, but had a computer crash shortly after and lost everything :(
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  10. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Wow, awesome write up TS. That info will come in handy. Thank you!
  11. Golfdood

    Golfdood Newbie

    Go early for Boots and Kimo's. Be there by 9am on weekdays, 7am on weekends or plan to wait for an hour or more. Pulehu Ribs (short ribs) and Mac Nut Pancakes are a must there. Others have said Cinnamon's in Kailua is a good alternative to B&K for breakfast.

    FYI--if it matters to you Polynesian Cultural Center does not serve alcohol, so if getting a few Mai Tais was in the cards for the day better to go to Germaine's or Paradise Cove.

    Good local dives, Ono's Hawaiian Food, Sidestreet Inn (bar with good food), Waiola Shave ice (in town) you can go to Matsumotos on the north shore, but you'll wait in line. Alan Wong is one of our top chefs if you want a nice evening out. Roy's is good too, but he has restaurants all over the world.

    Duke's at the Outrigger Waikiki is a nice place on the beach to have a few and people watch.

    Route 30 is pretty damn awesome, just make sure you have the stomach for it. Majestic views of nothing but cliffs and ocean at times.

    Haleakala at sunrise is truly majestic, but the 3:30am wakeup call sucks, and like twospirits said it's frigging cold up there (25-35 degrees with 40MPH winds) until the sun comes up.

    Take a snorkel boat out to Molokini Atoll or Lanai. I've been on Trilogy before and they were a good outfit.

    Mama's Fish House is good on Maui, and I think that Alii Kula Lavender farm is a nice stop on your way down from Haleakala if your other half is into that.
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  12. twospirits

    twospirits AF's janitor
    VIP Member

    Damn, that's right. I forgot that the PCC does not serve Alcohol. Still its an all day thing unless you opt for the luau special that some hotels do and that only takes you in the afternoon fro the evening show.

    I concur with Golfdood, go early for Boots & Kimo's, in fact you should be going early anyway since the drive is long to the North Shore and its best to experience the route than just rushing to get there. If you go early you make it by noon and still experience the beaches out there. And yes there are turtles in some spots (big ones too) which is why one spot is called Turtle Bay and its the only resort that I know of out that way.

    @ wubbie075, Yes, Diamond head is the extinct volcano on the end of Waikiki and I usually stay either at the Park Shore (awesome beach and Diamond head views), Waikiki Grand (used to be real nice, now mostly condos) and the Queen Kapiolani (my current place). Nothing beats getting up and seeing that Hawaii 5-0 mountain out your window/lanai/balcony. :D Only thing about those hotels is that the zoo is across the street and there is this screeching exotic bird. (Doesn't bother me, but some hate it) lol hey its the tropics.

    For fast food, ironically enough there is a L & L Hawaiian BBQ here in NYC that I eat at all the time I am near lower Manhattan yet, out on the islands I never go to since there are so so many nice food joints. Mind you some of the food joints look run down on the outside but their food and service inside are top notch.

    Also on Maui there is a nice local owned breakfast/lunch restaurant near the Airport at the start of the Hana Highway called Da Kitchen Cafe . OH MY GOD, loved it. :D They even opened one in Honolulu which I didn't know. :D woo hoo

    oh and one thing I forgot to mention, although most of Oahu and Maui roads are easy to drive on, so any car is fine, but I always go for a Jeep Wrangler.

    So when are you going. You just may be there when the whales come out and that's a nice little boat trip off of Maui too.

    Oh and one last thing (I know i know, I don't shut up lol) but the Farmers Markets are cool places to find little knick knacks and local food.

    TS out
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  13. Godfather13

    Godfather13 Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Thanks again for all the great info. We're going in a couple weeks. But we rented a compact car...Id love to drive a Jeep while there but the trip is already costing a lot and couldnt see paying $30 + a day for rental (compact $13!) :)

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