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will ics fix this lag? seriously considering going back to s2

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by feelinfroggy9, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. beezey

    beezey Lurker

    i dont have lag opening apps, but my homescreen is really laggy, with animations off and everything. ive tried every homescreen, go, launcherpro, adw ex, all lag. will the hard reset fix this? or is that only going to fix the extreme lag cases?

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  2. Hipsigti

    Hipsigti Newbie

    I am not a expert but i did have that issue also and it worked for me and my phone has zero lag opening at the lock screen to were before it did a lot.
  3. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    A hard reset is just pressing a couple buttons and doesn't delete anything you have on the phone, correct? I haven't bought my Note yet but I'm going to soon.

    Which buttons do you press to do a hard reset?

    And isn't a hard reset the same as taking the battery out and putting it back in?
  4. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    What you're referring to would really just be a soft-reboot.

    Samsung phones have a 3-button combo that will push them into recovery (if you have recovery installed on your phone; different topic for another conversation), but this three button combo will not reset anything.

    A hard reset is going into the phone settings menu and scrolling all the way down to "Backup and Reset". Once you click that, you will be fully wiped of all your stuff, so be prepared for what you're doing by creating appropriate backups, etc. (many threads over on XDA that explain this process for numerous phones, etc).

    You can also do a wipe data/factory reset through recovery (again, once you've installed a recovery) but this is not as full a wipe as you get by doing it through the phone's settings menu. This method tends to leave certain things floating around and intact.

    Hope this helps somewhat without creating confusion.

  5. jda824

    jda824 Lurker

    How do you do the hard reset? Thanks
  6. jda824

    jda824 Lurker

    lOl. Never mind I read the above about the hard reset. I do have another question. I have always had a Iphone and backing up was simple. How do you go about backing up your apps and data on the android phones that are not rooted? I love my note. Only occationaly I will launch the phone app and it will sometimes take a second other times there is no lag at all. Also on the samsung email it seems to take a good second or two to open when the Gmail app just opens right up. I have decided to switch to the GMail app because of that.

    Thanks for your help.
  7. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    So if a hard reset resets the phone to when you first bought it, how can doing a hard reset help with lag? I mean, if I bought a Note tomorrow and the next day I did a hard reset, wouldn't it just reset the phone to the previous day???
  8. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Android Expert

    When performing a hard reset, you will lose everything. It will set it up the way it was when you first got it.
  9. Hipsigti

    Hipsigti Newbie

    Basically the way i was told is that the CPU may get hung up when activating and installation of firmware and software. When you hard reset the phone it erases and reinstalls all this stuff over again. like i stated above i am not a expert i just know my note was brand new and lagged like crazy to the point of annoyance and i reset it and now it runs as smooth as any iPhone and faster at that. the way i did it with at&t is by holding the power button and volume up button until a screen pops up asking you if you want to restore the phone and i assure you it will erase everything i stored everything to my micro SD card and took it out then when it reset all my numbers where migrated from at&t which i didn't know would happen.
    ItalianHunk likes this.
  10. ItalianHunk

    ItalianHunk Well-Known Member

    I don't mean to keep harping on this but I'm just trying to figure this out. Wouldn't it be better after I buy the Note to activate it, do a hard reset, THEN put my apps, pics and music on there. That way I don't delete them when doing the hard reset.
    The phone has been out for a little over a month or so and already it needs to be hard reset???
    Ok Ok, I'll let it go until I actually get my Note. haha. IF it lags, I'll come back for questions. :p
  11. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    Yea, talk about cart-before-the-horse.

    Patience man...

    Get the phone first and expect good things; if problems arise, deal with them then ;)

  12. Hipsigti

    Hipsigti Newbie

    I mean yeah do the reset first but no one knows what causes it so you never know what or when it happens. it's a great phone and i have had to do hard resets on iPhones and other android phones alike so it happens not like it's a sign of a problematic device.
  13. Blue1k

    Blue1k Android Enthusiast

    Interesting thing guys...

    I poked around the build.prop of my Note and to my surprise I saw that Telus automatically enabled GPU hardware acceleration out of the box. This is not the case on the International note and I suspect the same on the ATT note.

    I applied my custom tweaks and now the phone is VERY smooth.

    If you would like to learn how to modify your build.prop you can PM me. It is very easy to do.
    You do have to be rooted and need Root Explorer to be able to see your build.prop file.
  14. Hipsigti

    Hipsigti Newbie

    I think this thread would be helpful to all the new members if it were a sticky ? anyone else agree ????
  15. Peaches037

    Peaches037 Well-Known Member

    I got mines for less than $200 at best buy.. It's amazing what deals you can get depending on where you go!
  16. animeware

    animeware Well-Known Member

    I have Stock and there is ways to make it run smoothly it's on knowing on how to use the device. I don't see any lag on my NOTE LTE I came from I Phone 3GS that had WEB lagging. and plus not front camera.

    Where I live I get 4G Speed on my NOTE
    A lot more smoother then the I phone 3GS A smartphone is a smartphone if you don't like it then take it back it's your decision and your life.
  17. godvirus

    godvirus Lurker

    Here are some general tips for keeping your phone snappy, coming
    from an older Galaxy S phone user.

    1) Don't use active wall papers
    2) Don't use widgets
    3) Uninstall bloated apps. Go into Settings->Applications->Running (or something like that) to see what Apps are running. Uninstall as many of those as you can, or configure those apps not to be running all the time. Some apps like to run all the time, eating CPU and memory. When your phone needs memory it will kill the app, then the app will reload itself. Both take time. The smaller your running apps list is, the more available memory you will have and the faster your phone will feel.
    4) Download Autostarts from the app store and examine the actions that apps have registered themselves too. This will reveal apps that like to run themselves everytime you turn your screen on or get internet connectivity, for example. Either disable or uninstall them.
    5) Buy the ad-free version of apps. The ads cost you battery and bandwidth, and make your phone slower and uglier.
  18. ryandelman

    ryandelman Well-Known Member

    With all due respect, I'm not sure that advising people to not use Widgets is the way to go. I would recommend that you not have 7 home screens with 3 Widgets per screen for sure, but I have about 5 Widgets active between 3 home screens and never experience any lag. The real key to reducing screen switch lag is minimizing or turning off animations.

    After all, Widgets are one of the things that differentiates Android from iOS on a UI level.....

    Just my $.02.

  19. godvirus

    godvirus Lurker

    I had a photo showcase widget on my tablet and I'm pretty sure it was a battery killer, so I've avoided them since then. I'm not sure how resource intensive they are. Having them probably doesn't make things any faster though.
  20. caryrae73

    caryrae73 Member

    Dumb question but what are these animations that you can turn on and off in the display settings?
  21. Loves2spoon

    Loves2spoon Lurker

    I had to register and ask how the hell did you get a Note for $250 "Off Contract"?!
  22. roidroid

    roidroid Newbie

    Haha. Everyone keeps asking that. I heard through the grapevine that they we're able to give a discount of up to 60% off the msrp, but you still had to sign a contract. I thought that was kind of pointless for most phones, but for the note, it worked out to be less than the on contract price so I figured I'd ask. One store said it wasn't possible....another said yes, but you need a special type of account(not sure what kind)...another said yes, but if the on contract price is more, you have to pay that plus an upgrade fee. The last store I hit, I struck gold. The guy said I could do that on all the phones accept for the fruity phone. He also said only certain types of accounts get the deal and it would be a no contract or no upgrade deal, which meant no upgrade fee either. He checked my account, I qualified, and I was done(I think he just hooked me up). I was in shock when I walked out. I'm still not sure if he screwed up, but I'll take it. I was seriously expecting a call from him at some point to tell me they had to upgrade me for another 2 years.....it never happened. So now I'm sitting on a Note with 2 upgrades for both of my lines. :D
  23. simagic

    simagic Member

    OK....I'm a complete novice....""" BUT """, I too was experiencing a lag when going to my different apps. A few seconds of a black screen (1-3 secs) before my app would open. It made me very unhappy with my new "high performance" note". What I'm about to say may be totally known by everyone but as a novice it wasn't known by me. Therefore maybe some others have no idea as well......... If you go to an app when you first use your phone after it being off, (such as voice talk or S memo), there is a black screen for 1-3 secs. Here's the key.........If you push the "back button", it closes down the app and the next time you need it, it will "again" need to be opened (therefore needing the 1-3 second black screen).......BUT....If you leave the app by pressing the "home button" instead of the back button, the app "remains open in the background"....It's there waiting for you to ''come back". It's ready for you to call upon it. Therefore no delay.. Now when you re-click on that app it will come back in an instant. The downside of leaving your apps by pressing the home button instead of the back button is that that app is using RAM while sitting there ( I think-??). Maybe everyone knows this, but I didn't. Hope this helps some people.
  24. wayneholbrook

    wayneholbrook Member

    Thinking about buying a note tomorrow. Is ICS out for it yet? If not any idea when?
  25. xfile102

    xfile102 Lurker

    I have a GS2. Love it. Best phone I've ever owned. Waiting for a GS3. My GF had an Infuse and loved it. So when we heard about the Note, it was marketed by our local ATT store as the best of both worlds: Same powerful hardware as the GS2, and a GARGANTUAN screen even bigger than her Infuse. So, we bought it. Wow. PROBLEMS. I have seen a few KIND OF addressed in different threads here, but none completely. So I am asking for advice, help, and guidance.
    Issue #1: 4G Data. And ONLY 4G data. If we are in a major city, great. If not, phone is a brick. Makes calls and that's it. ATT says if you aren't in a 4G coverage area you have to type a LOOONNG code to make the phone switch to 2G to be able to pickup standard Edge networks. Then you have to type the LOONG code yo switch back in 4G areas. Thats crap for an $800 phone. Would rooting fix or give an option for toggling between Edge and 3G/4G?
    Issue #2: Slowdown/Lag. All the time, while texting, typing in the browser, any text input, the on screen text lags far behind the input. Also, when closing out of apps, the home screen renders widget by widget. So if I am in the browser, hit the home button, the app icons on the home screen will show up, then a second or two later the weather widget will pop up, then the clock. Simply ridiculous. This lag is consistent with all apps and closing in and out. Would rooting fix this?
    Issue #3: The Stock Browser. Open the browser, browse, open several tabs, get a call, text message, or for any reason decide to hit home to leave the browser, and the browser will completely close. All tabs. Back to home when you open it again. No saving tabs, or the page you were on. Ever.
    What gives? She is about to throw this poor GN out the window.
    PS.- These are the things that have been tried so far:
    Battery Removed several times a day
    Rebooted by Holding down the power button until phone shits off (Hard Boot) several times a day.

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