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Will T-Mobile Sim work in the Electrify?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jknutter, Dec 19, 2011.

  1. jknutter

    jknutter Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I'm a US Cellular customer with an Electrify. I love the phone and the service but have a question for any experts out there. This Februray the wife and I will be traveling to the Domincan Republic again. US Cellular does not and will not have service there because of the Hackers on the island. Last year I ended up purchasing a track phone from T-Mobile so the family could atleast reach me in an emergency. Would anyone know if I could reactivate the T-Mobile Sim and stick it in my Electrify and use it in the DP? That way I'd be able to keep my phonebook info and also be able to surf using Wifi... Last year I also packed a Laptop and it was a pain to lug back and forth to the lobby to check emails. I much rather carry the Electrify anyday.

    Thanks in Advance any info would be great!

    Note: T-mobile does have service in the DP...

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  2. Greenbean

    Greenbean Lurker

    I am currently trying to work this out myself,

    I have a Prepaid SIM from ATT I use in my Blackberry at times and put it in my Electrify and it will not work, USCC does not lock their world Blackberry SIM card slots,

    it says no signal however it will receive text messages but you can't text out or call out.

    I may have to try and root it, I have read on some HTC models the SW does something the the modem used for communication and turns it off for GSM, but I have no way of confirming this.
  3. badgett

    badgett Newbie

    No it will not. The sim card slot on the Electrify is only for non US sim cards. No US carrier sims will work.
  4. mrlightrail

    mrlightrail Lurker

    The Motorola Photon, sister to the Electrify, has been hacked to work on US Cell towers, using GSM. But the hack is not compatible with the Electrify. Hopefully, someone will figure out how to get that radio file to work, and we will be able to use them on Tmobile, etc.

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