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Will the Cliq be able to tether?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by eruso, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. eruso

    eruso Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Will the motorola cliq be able to tether somehow? I would need a phone I can occasionally use for internet on my macbook. Also, what's rooting exactly? Will I be able to do that on the cliq?

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  2. seeking

    seeking Well-Known Member

    in also looking for this information as well
  3. Jacqueline

    Jacqueline Android Enthusiast

    It has blue tooth and it is Android, so the phone *should* be able to tether. Chances are high that t-mobile will not allow it. There was a blow-up around this back in the March/April time frame because t-mobile did not want to have people tether. It ended with Google leaving tethering apps at the market, but blocking them specifically for t-mobile customers.
  4. eruso

    eruso Newbie
    Thread Starter

    Ugh. Well I'm sure there will be some work-around so we can tether.
  5. 1080p

    1080p Android Enthusiast

  6. bllshy

    bllshy Lurker

    tried pdanet with my cliq doesnt work
  7. bllshy

    bllshy Lurker

    has anyone used pdanet with a mytouch or a hero, i know it works with a g1
  8. marstodd

    marstodd Newbie

    over at tmobile it was mentioned that USB drivers are needed on motorola phone and are available from motorola. Can someone verify this?
  9. canada7764

    canada7764 Lurker

    Yes the drivers are available online @ T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ USB Drivers download | T-Mobile Cellphones

    I have successfully tethered the Cliq via PDAnet on my VM XP machine running on a Macbook Pro. I havent been able to share the windows internet back to the MBP or figured out a bluetooth work around. I am hoping someone will figure a root for this phone.

    I also hope that a 2.0 release will come out. When I talked to Motorola they said:
    "Regarding your concern, at this moment we cannot confirm when an upgrade will be available. However the phone is ready to receive software upgrades to both the Google Android OS, and the Moto Blur interface, therefore upgrades are being planned, but we don't have a release schedule, or confirmation up to which Android version it's going to upgrade."

    With further questioning I was able to get an opinion.
    "I think the upgrade will come shortly as it is a new phone with completely new features and functions, we will be
    continuously improving it."

    I guess only time will tell but I have no plans to keep this phone if T-Mobile and Motorola dont step it up.
  10. marstodd

    marstodd Newbie

    Weird, do HTC phones require special USB drivers to connect phone to PC?
    Why does Motorola require special drivers? can you see the Cliq memory without the drivers? That's weird.
  11. canada7764

    canada7764 Lurker

    I dont know about the HTC, I would imagine not. The drivers are only required in Windows. OS X it just shows up as a device and then a flash drive.

    Anybody want to collaborate on rooting the Cliq let me know. I have some SDK experience and been playing with the MOTODEV Android studio. I really wanna get this thing rooted, it has potential
  12. jazzyzea

    jazzyzea Lurker

    I downloaded the motorola drivers and pdanet. I am able to explore the SD card on my Motorola Cliq via my laptop. My device is not charging though. Can you only use the USB connection to do only one task at a time? During set up of pdanet on my Motorola Cliq I was prompted to use to use the device as a USB Drive or Charging Only. I selected USB Drive. Is this why the Cliq is not charging when it is connected to my laptop? How do I fix this? :thinking:

    Thx in advance!

    P.S. I've used the Pocket PC and/or Windows Mobile Smartphones for the last 5 yrs so Android is a little new to me.
  13. jazzyzea

    jazzyzea Lurker

    Figured out how to use PDANet! I had to change the USB settings in my notifications window.
  14. snuffop

    snuffop Lurker

  15. jimantics

    jimantics Newbie

    PDAnet worked for me.
  16. punxtron12

    punxtron12 Lurker

    I'm haveing a hard time dowloading the program used for tathering.
    I have a click phone. When I try to download from tapnet I get an error saying file is not supported . Pleas help me. I have work to do and my husband forgot to pay the bills. I need internet access for my home pc.
  17. Buck Shot

    Buck Shot Well-Known Member

    PDA net only requires a $30 fee is u want to view secure sites after the 14 days. Otherwise u can surf the net
  18. realsickclown

    realsickclown Member

    So I am gathering this does not work to easy on the moto cliq? Or is it a tmobile issue only?
  19. it was a piece of cake to set up on the cliq,,downloaded file from market..then downloaded files from junefabrics.com to my phone. followed instructions as far as setting on pc side and phone side, and it worked. took less then 20 mins to get running and that includes downloading and installing files.
  20. mikeedoo

    mikeedoo Newbie

    PDANet worked on my Macbook.
  21. clevetbs

    clevetbs Newbie

  22. truoc444

    truoc444 Newbie

    Did you have to do anything special? I can connect perfectly to my Windows virtual machine in Parallels, but i cannot get it to connect in OSX. it connects, but i can't get an IP supposedly so i cannot go anywhere. I don't have 3G in my area is that a factor?
  23. clevetbs

    clevetbs Newbie

    you need to root your phone that how i got it.
  24. Kpdoughboy

    Kpdoughboy Lurker

    Tethering through PDAnet right now on a Lenovo PC on Win 7. Didn't need to do anything special. Just ran the setup and followed on screen instructions. It's pretty easy actually.

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