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Will the Evo read a 16GB card preloaded with music?

Discussion in 'Music & Media' started by raheenb, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. raheenb

    raheenb Newbie
    Thread Starter

    I wanted to load up an A-DATA 16GB Class 6 card with music tonight so I can listen to music at work on the Evo tomorrow at work after i pick up phone in the morning...my questions is, since my PC (Windows 7) didn't need to format the card, will the phone need to do any formatting? Hoping I can just throw the card in at Radio Shack and enjoy my tunes, thanks! :)

  2. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    I'm not sure if Android uses regular FAT32 for memory cards, or Linux ext3, which Windows cannot obviously read.
  3. nkawal

    nkawal Newbie

    i love to see an organized storage card, i plugged up my EVO and there are folders all over the place on the storage card, I currently have a 16GB from my Blackberry thats organized (ringtones, music, pictires, software...etc)the way i want it. Can i just pop it in there and the EVO will automatically recognize everything?
  4. Demache

    Demache Android Expert

    It will scan the whole card for music, pictures and videos. That is what my Eris does at least.

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