Will the HTC One X screen protectors work for the EVO 4G LTE?


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Does anyone know if the One X screen protectors will work on the EVO LTE?


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Does anyone know if the One X screen protectors will work on the EVO LTE?

More or less the easy answer is no, they will not.
However, we won't know until it releases and someone tries it or we get some EXACT measurements.

Most good screen protector companies provide a phone specific cut to fit the entire glass area (excluding a mm or two around the edge for wiggle room and installation ease). If the corners of two phones are not rounded the EXACT same it will not lay perfectly. If you don't mind it looking badly, having to hack screen protectors up, or possibly wasting money, then go for it - not for the faint of heart.

The One X has very curved edges and corners on their glass, whereas the Evo 4G LTE has top corners and sides that are nearly square while the two bottom corners are rounded. The rounded corners look like a different 'angle' and cut than the One X has. The One X screen protectors would fit extremely poorly on the Evo 4G LTE.

If you go the cheap route and only want to cover just the viewable display area, and not bezel to bezel, you can find generic ones that can probably be interchanged (Sprint brand sold in Sprint stores are this style - they just cover the picture area and not the entire glass).

These may be computer renders, and preliminary phone measurements, but it seems pretty clear they are different enough. Even look at some of the live hands on pictures and videos from around the net to compare.
One X:

134.36 x 69.9 x 8.9 mm (measurements are for the entire phone - not just the glass)

Evo 4G LTE:

134.8 x 68.9 x 8.9 mm (measurements are for the entire phone - not just the glass)
Source: Thanks Phone Arena


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If you're feeling experimental, buy a screen protector for the galaxy tab 10.1 or something and BOOM you have up to FOUR homemade screen protectors if you have a VERY and I mean VERRRRRRY sharp blade laying around that you are good with because that stuff is HARD to cut

I've become quite experienced with this method and I would not recommend it to anyone since the patience and wherewithal required to get half decent results is near extreme.

The high quality thicker material is quite difficult to cut. It is near impossible to get a straight edge and you have to be ok with bad corners and rough edges even after spending a ton of time perfecting your measurements. I like to imagine it is what prepping and executing a high level surgery is like. :D

My most recent 'surgery' was for a Nook Color (my skill was requested by a friend). It was a multi-hour procedure. :rolleyes:


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Why?? Just buy one made for the evolte

(Correct me if wrong)
He is planning way ahead and he wants to have a screen protector ready to go for the phone's release day I'm sure. In the event that actual Evo 4G LTE accessories aren't on shelves or webpages until after release.

The One X is the Evo 4G LTE's older brother which has already been released (U.K.)
Hand me downs are good, but only when they fit properly.

Often, but not always, the high quality 3rd party screen protectors take a few days or weeks to come out. Some companies can't really create their screen templates until they get a dummy unit, display unit, or full working release unit to get accurately measured and test installs on. Then they have to go into production.

Sometimes they don't get measurements until release day just like us, leaving a buffer between release day and when we can get their protective products safely onto our scratch resistant phone screens. Same goes for cases, and other specific 3rd party accessories.


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I always use an otterbox defender but I take out the built in screen protector and put a zagg on and then the case over it. I'm a mechanic stuff was always getting under the screen and It was always oily.. The zagg fixed both problems not to mention makes the screen a ton times clearer and crisper.. And the almost rubbery feeling of it helps to fight the oil


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Anyone thinking of running without a screen protector since the screen is gorilla glass?
This constantly gets rehashed with every new device's release, but in a nutshell, Gorilla Glass adds scratch resistance far beyond plastic, and a small measure beyond normal glass (which is already fairly resistant to scratches), but still, even Gorilla Glass is easily scratched by sand. You can just google for it to read about all the people with scratched glass.

It's a personal judgment call that requires a balancing of the risk and benefits.