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Will the X10 ever get Custom Roms??

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by solidkevin, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. solidkevin

    solidkevin Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    This thing has been rooted for a bit and still no custom ROMS, do you think it will ever get hacked completely?

    Dont have an X10 anymore (captivate), but I really liked it, just feel bad for X10 users, I already have 2.2 and they are JUST getting 2.3.....

  2. cwepruk

    cwepruk Well-Known Member

    Nothing has 2.3.

    But yeah, I would like 2.2 since it's something like 2-5 times faster and even a JIT'ed 2.1 isn't very fast on the X10.
  3. The devs over at XDA are VERRRRRRRRRY close to cracking the bootloader.....Im positive it wont be long now....I personally think they just might have it.

    Check out XDA and go to Android Devolopment and look for post "REAL OR FAKE"

  4. yeh i have to agree with mr patchy patch
  5. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    Apparently they successfully installed a ROM on the phone but can't make the radio work.

    But it's good to know someone is working on it and achieving some success!
  6. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    Yep, so is just a matter of time before we start to see custom roms.
  7. Mitek

    Mitek Well-Known Member

    Im sorry to sound extremely noob, but what are custom roms used for?
  8. X10iUser

    X10iUser Android Expert

    Instead of flashing S.E's rom, you flash a custom one which has been tweaked ect. They open up a whole new World.
  9. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    They really let you experience the whole Android experience, not SE's version of Android!
  10. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    It's since been retitled to X10 Custom Rom and they come clean on all the details. Everything seems to be working except for GSM, Camera, WIFI, and Bluetooth. Seems that they have 2.2 running on top of 2.1 at the moment. Looks great too.

    To quote the thread creator over there:

    as soon as we make gsm work we will publish it

    -rom flashable into device
    -power management
    -G sensor
    -adb enabled at boot (usefull for debuging)

    Not working

  11. Thanks! I don't know how to post a link and rename it like that lol

  12. Yeah, I seen that this morning. I really don't think it will be much longer til they get it tho. I wonder if they can enable 16m colors somehow? Although, I know SE didn't give us 16M colors in the 2.1, but since I installed it they most certainly did something with the colors as my widgets and everything else looks WAAAAAYYYY nicer now so I really no longer care about the 16M colors as the difference between my widgets and wallpapers is night & day going from 1.6 - 2.1. Anyone else notice they did something with the colors? They look awesome now!
  13. JDwan

    JDwan Well-Known Member

    Hey Patchy, did you upgrade to 2.1 using the method on XDA or did you get it today from Rogers? Just wondering since we're both in Edmonton.

  14. Hey JDwan, I flashed my X10 with the nordic firmware from XDA. Works flawlessly! It changes your X10a to an X10i...not a big deal tho. You can change it back once the update is completly over with for everyone.
  15. Mitek

    Mitek Well-Known Member

    Oh, so you can basically get any stock android fw on this baby once its cracked. That'd pretty sweet. Looking forward to it, 2.1 is already boring, need something new lol.
  16. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Android Enthusiast

    And from what I understand, GSM/WIFI/Bluetooth are all linked together so once one is fixed the others will.

    As for the camera I assume they have to develop a driver.:thinking:

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