Sep 17, 2009
I find it so frustrating reading about the Evo 4G and knowing that I will never be able to have one here in the UK. Every time I go into a phone shop I pick up the HTC HD2 and dream of it being the Evo, as that is the nearest we have to it.

Yes I know there has been progress towards running Android on the HD2 but c'mon, it's hardly the same.

I just want this phone! Why can't they make an Evo 3G with all the same specs otherwise?

I have searched but I can't find any news about it ever coming to the UK, so I was wondering if anybody else had any info?

Not sure how many UK readers will be in this section of the forum :thinking:
I remember a year ago when the HD2 was a Europe exclusive, and drooling over the hardware then. Europe also had all the cool Nokia phones when the US was still pushing moto razr's.

I hope you guys get the Evo as well but it is about time the US carriers got a few nice phones to choose from.
Already got the desire here :) Whilst it's nice, it doesn't seem to tempt me enough to switch from my now 'old skool' hero.