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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Mont1224, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. Mont1224

    Mont1224 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    still can't get 4g/wimax to work with mikg 2.5 rom, everything else seems to be working fine. i tried to flash the combo radio/wimax and it didn't work. any suggestions? don't want to brick the phone. still cant seem to get any cool themes for the phone..

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  2. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    Are your keys in check. I know you can issue a terminal emulator command to grep for the keys, but it's easier to use the market app. Try that. If keys are gone, your gonna have to restore from a nandroid and hope that you've backed up your keys.

    Good luck.
  3. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    Just curious what kernel you decided to go with with this rom? Wonder if it coud be the prob? either an incompatible one or a bad load.

    It wouldn't mess up your setup to WIPE cache and dalvik cache and flash the kernel again. I use Golden Monkey with it and I haven't had those issues.

    good luck!
  4. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    ;) just in case anyone with less experience / understanding visits this thread.

    That is actually a good point, it could have been a bad flash or a cache/davlik cache issue or some sort.
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  5. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    yeah, wipe...

    What he said. :p
  6. Mont1224

    Mont1224 Newbie
    Thread Starter

    i'm currently using the chop suey kernel. i was using golden monkey, but switched because it was recommended in order to use hdmwin app. if i'm understanding you correctly your saying wipe cache,davlik reboot then flash golden monkey, and then flash the radio,wimax combo??
  7. MizzouBrent

    MizzouBrent Android Expert

    First you should download wimax key checker to make sure your rsa keys are present. That should probably be first priority.
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  8. lubberlick

    lubberlick Well-Known Member

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  9. dustwun77

    dustwun77 Endeavor to Persevere :)

    it is a great idea to check for your Wimax keys, as suggested and linked first.

    What i was thinking was that maybe you had a bad flash of your kernel.It shouldn't change your settings and rom but wouldn't hurt to do the nandroid backup first, just to be on the safe side. I was suggesting wiping, not flashing :eek:, Cache and Dalvik Cache and then, w/o rebooting, flashing the kernel of your choice. Seeing if that made a difference. The golden monkey kernel has been good for me and others.
  10. biggie80

    biggie80 Member

    Can a kernel affect wimax/4g speeds?
  11. 9to5cynic

    9to5cynic Android Expert

    From what I understand, not really. It can only really affect how many volts a radio receives, which could in turn impact the radios.
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  12. biggie80

    biggie80 Member

    Thanks. The reason I ask is that I got faster speeds before I started to flash new roms and kernels.

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