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Winamp and battery life

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by bilbravo, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. bilbravo

    bilbravo Member
    Thread Starter

    I have had horrible battery life the past few days and at first I thought it was WordFued because the most recent programs I've loaded/changed were Winamp and WordFeud. After searching around a bit I discovered WF used to have battery issues. However after uninstalling it I still had the same problem. Around 20% battery life after 5 hours of being unplugged.

    I uninstalled Winamp and re-installed WF and here I am 7 hours into the day and only down to 80%. Has anyone else had any problems with Winamp? I googled it but didn't come up with anything. I wasn't even using winamp to play music because I've been rather busy. I did use Wifi sync, but my wifi is off unless I am at home AND need to use it. I normally just leave it off.


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  2. rabidfurball

    rabidfurball Lurker

    I'm seeing this too. I think it has to do with having wireless sync enabled. I was getting down to 15% after 4 hours with it on.

    Winamp is great, but for some reason its using ridiculous amounts of power for wireless sync when not connected to wifi...
  3. Bill4140

    Bill4140 Lurker

    Absolutely same thing here. I was absolutely stunned when it happend; happy when it was removed.

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