Winamp Beta


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very cool! giving this a shot, thanks op! i, too, have been using winamp since the 90s


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I am an avid desktop Winamp user and have been for over 10 years. For a beta, this is a GREAT start. I posted some suggestions over in the Winamp forums for them and I will also post them here:

App currently supports linking to Desktop Winamp via Wi-Fi....but ONLY for sync/transfers. Add more robust functions with this linking ability. The sky is the limit here. For example:

1. Use Android device as remote control for Winamp Desktop controls. For example, do things like this app does:
aWinampRemote - Android app on AppBrain

2. Ability to transfer current live playback of song/playlist to and from Android device. Meaning, a currently playing song on Android phone can be paused and playback be sent to Desktop Winamp to continue where the Android phone left off. Vice Versa supported as well. This would create seamless, uninterrupted playback for those transitioning in listening environments (Transition from Android playback in Car to entering home listening).

3. Expand the linking capabilities to more than Wi-Fi. Make it possible to connect Android Winamp App to Desktop Winamp over IP as well. This way access is NOT limited to location.