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Windows Mail and G Mail

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ihaveadroid, Jun 3, 2010.

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    Hi, I was trying to get some help from some members.

    I have a g-mail account and it syncs up and everything but before I got this phone I used Windows Mail all the time on my laptop and synced up there. But now that I have my phone I use that all the time. The problem is that I made a bunch of folders in Windows Mail and stored all my Mail in there but I can't find a way to sync those folders back into g-mail so I can see them on my phone. Yes I know I still have those messages in my g-mail account but they are not sorted in the folders I had them in.

    Basically I'm trying to get the folders I made in Windows Mail to show up in G-Mail as Labels with the correct messages in them.

    Sorry if this is confusing but I can't figure it out.


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