Help WinMo migrator; some questions


Ok, I've had the device for a few days now; its Orange branded and I've not yet rooted it as I'm not sure if I'll be returning it yet.

I've come from a Touch HD and have had winmo phones for the past 5 years or so; so I know the limitations & quirks of winmo quite well. At this stage I'm struggling a little with the Desire & Android and I'd like some assistance if you don't mind.

Things I'm struggling with:
1) Email App (HTC App) - I use Exchange primarily and the app works ok, but there are some large annoyances, not least is that the folder management sucks; the folder list doesn't expand out like a tree as I'm used to, but is rather a long list; on my device this means I've a list of over 20 folders, many of which I don't often use, but do serve a purpose (or I'd remove them).
I could live with this, BUT, the app doesn't tell me if there are unread emails in any of these folders until I select them and then it grabs the mail from exchange. It's only doing a constant pull for the main inbox it seems. Is there a setting for this? Can I get an unread count on the folder list? Is there a better app for this?

2) App organisation - Its a monolithic list... is there a way of getting it to sort into categories; games, apps, etc like market place? I can only seem to make folders on Homescreens, and thats quite limiting..

3) Speaking of homescreens - Only 5 home screens!?!?! How can I increase this default? I've a lot of widgets I'd like to use and because of the grid layout of the homescreen and the limited number of homescreens available I can't have everything available as I would like it - 5 screens on winmo sense wouldn't even get you to the internet tab!

4) Messaging app - an annoyance really, but if I'm reading a txt, and hit the home button, use an app or so and another txt comes in from a different contact, when I press the Messaging icon it takes me to the old txt thread, I have to press back and then enter the new message thread... clunky!

I appreciate Android is a young OS and these issues are primarily app related, so I'd appreciate any sage advice you may have on alternate apps or approaches that may smooth out this transition a little.



1: There are better apps in the market right now for exchange, touchdown or k9 are very good. However with the next update of android it has much better exchange support, i'd say what you'd expect from a blackberry

2: The only way is to make folders on the homescreen, but if you use an app called apps organizer then its not limiting at all, in fact its very good.

3: There are 7 screens...

4: Thats the way it should logically work. Think of different apps in the Windows OS. When you go back it should be as you left it. To open the new message drag down the notification bar and open it that way.


Android Expert
I think this comes down to being used to a Windows phone behaving as Windows on the PC does...Android is completely different so it just takes time to get your head round it. I've come from an HD2 and had the same issues at first but now realise that Android is the future - WPS7 has a LOT to do if it wants to be anywhere near Android...