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[WIP][2.3.5][Sense3.5] Fortified Beta Series

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ocnbrze, Sep 23, 2011.

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    so looks like there is another sense 3.5 rom is out. this one is to themed like kings version is. check it out if you dare. this is not mine.

    [WIP][2.3.5][Sense3.5] Fortified Beta Series - xda-developers

    Fortified Series of Sense 3.5
    This is a straight stock build of runnymede port to the evo.

    Working: Everything except previews, USB is VERY spotty, wouldn't trust it to copy data, coming in next beta.
    This is built from an early version of King's original port to the evo, I removed all of the mods, and "themed" material.
    I do not believe a beta should be themed.

    If you deserve credits for the fixes, please please please, pm me.
    You will be listed!
    Post your fixes in the thread, followed by a pm to me so I can include them!

    Lithid: WiFi/mms
    The Plattypus: Boot image/USB fix
    King: Original port

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