Wired Tethering and Windows Firewall


Android Expert
First, let me admit I feel like an idiot. It took me well over a year to even try wired tethering, as opposed to a wireless hotspot. The former is so much better. For one thing, your phone actually charges rather than drains! But wired just sounded so low tech! :eek:

But I'm having a problem with the Win7 Windows firewall. Every time I connect it thinks it's a new network connection that I've never used before, so I have to go through the selection of Home/Work/Public each time. I know I could have it default to public for all connections, but is there another solution?


Extreme Android User
Install an Android firewall. (The worst one makes Windows Firewall look like a toy. Linux without a firewall is more secure than Windows firewall.) Turn off Windows firewall. If you don't trust the routers you're using your Windows box on, install a decent firewall on the Windows box. Almost all of them can be set to allow the Android tether to handle security and kind of turn themselves off when you're tethered to your phone.