Wireless charging flashing blue light.


I bought the wireless quick charger about 2 months ago and it worked fine. The last 2 mornings I've noticed that the light is flashing blue on the wireless charger and my phone isn't fully charged. I took the phone off and put the phone back on and it'll charge for about 30 seconds before the blue light starts flashing again on the quick charger ending charging on the phone. Has anyone else had this problem or a fix?


Android Expert
I have the Tylt wireless charging stand for my Note 5 and have noticed this type of issue before. Oddly enough, it only happens when I try and charge the phone without the case on it. I have read in a couple of forums that people sometimes have to place a "spacer" between the phone and the charger. On my charger, I can get the phone to charge normally by folding a piece of notebook paper about 4 times and placing it between the phone and the charger. Give that a shot and see if it helps.