Wireless Hotspot on Froyo w/o Custom Rom?


Apologies in advance for the post; I'm sure this has been answered somewhere before, I'm just having a hard time finding it.

I have a Droid running the recent Froyo update. I'm wondering if there is a way to root my phone and do something (install an app?) that will allow me to use the phone as a wifi hotspot without installing a custom rom? I'm not a super adventurous user (mostly concerned about speed/stability); I would just like to utilize this feature if possible.

If it isn't possible to do this without installing a custom rom, is there a rom available that makes minimal changes to the standard OS just to enable a few missing features like tethering and wifi hotspot?

Thanks for the help, and again, sorry if this is posted somewhere and I just didn't see it.


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Now if I did that (sorry for the thread hijacking), would the wifi hotspot feature be free (As in, no monthly fee)?

well......, there would be no charge by doing it this way, but if you tether a lot this way, verizon could get on to you about because you are technically violating your contract.
One last thing, if I have a hardware problem like a something goes wrong with the screen and I have the rooted phone would they beable to tell, or can you un-root it before you go to them?

Because my screen is very loose on the track, I think it'd be a warranty issue.