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Wireless mouse scrolling issue on Android Tv box

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by CHOPPERBUM, Oct 9, 2019.


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    Hi guys,

    First post, so please excuse my ignorance with any house rules I may unintentionally breach.

    Ok, so I’ve been using Android Media boxes to stream content for a few years now, and as the standard remote is so frustrating I’ve been using a wireless mouse with the receiver plugged into a USB port with great effect, that is until now.
    I’ve recently purchased an Android media box with a more recent version of Android, and the wireless mouse that I’ve been happily using will not scroll correctly. Basically, using the scrolling wheel, when I attempt to scroll down on the screen, the screen maybe moves about 3 or 4 lines down then jumps back to the start again. If I use the scrolling wheel verrrrrrrrry slowly I can get the screen to go down further but ultimately it will always jump back to the start again. I have tried using another mouse, the same problem persists. And it is definitely not related to an individual app, as this occurs also on the home screen itself.

    Anybody have any ideas how to resolve the issue? I have older media boxes that have worked just fine in the past. I would also like to add that my father also experiences the same issue with his media box, which is a different manufacturer from mine, so I’m beginning to think it’s the version of Android that may be causing it (version 9.0). Help please!

  2. MoodyBlues

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    Welcome to Androud Forums, CHOPPERBUM!
    Just for testing purposes, can you try a wired USB mouse/trackball? Its results could help narrow down the problem.

    Also, if you use the standard remote on these newer Android boxes, do they work correctly?
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    Have you checked under the settings on the media box itself? Possibly under settings: accessibility.
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    I’m having the exact same issue as chopperbum and I’ve tried the suggestions left and neither worked I have a wireless and wired mouse same issue. The remote that came with it works fine there is no scroll option on it though. And I dont see anything listed in the accessibility options that address this issue.

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    Ok, so I’ve tried the wired mouse and still the same issue. I’ve been through all the settings including advanced options and there doesn’t appear to be any relevant setting to tackle this issue.
    However, this doesn’t seem to occur on all apps. Some apps have the scrolling issue while others are just fine. It does occur on the actual home menu screen tho.

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