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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vblick, Jun 8, 2010.

  1. vblick

    vblick Well-Known Member
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    May 18, 2010


  2. vblick

    vblick Well-Known Member
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    May 18, 2010
    HTC work around to improve wifi:

    I've "had" the poor wifi reception issue just as many of you have described in previous posts. I call HTC and spoke with a very helpful tech support agent. She was very helpful and importantly "cured" my wifi issues. Below are the steps we took:
    BACKUP your DATA ...
    1. Factory Data Reset (home, menu, settings,privacy >Factory Data Reset)
    Phone will warn about erasing all data, so make sure your data is backed up..
    2. After phone restarts: (takes about 3 minutes)
    a.OBE (Out of Box Experience) starts (skip to setting up Gmail account).
    b. Skip to complete OBE and allow Evo to finish booting.
    c.On home screen, touch menu, settings, wireless & networks.
    3. Enter wifi settings via wifi settings (set up and manage wireless access points)
    a. Touch WI-FI (Turn on Wi-Fi)
    4.Under Wi-Fi networks select desired network.
    a. Enter network password and verify info.
    b. Connect
    5.Touch network name to view connection details (Status-connected, speed, channel, signal strength, security, and ip address. My speed went from 1 or sometimes 11Mbps to 48Mbps!
    6. Return arrow to previous page (Wireless & networks)
    a. Scroll down and uncheck "Mobile Network".
    b. Touch home. All Apps, Internet.
    c. Don't enter your PCS phone #.
    7. Touch address bar and enter the following web address to test your speed:
    mobilespeedtest.com, enter
    8. Touch "run speed test" and note results..
    a. re-run speed test with the 1Mb file as suggested.
    9. I like the "speedtest.net app in the market. I use it on my 3Gs and my Touch Pro
    Notes: On back to back speed tests using speedtest.net with the 3Gs and the Evo, the Evo returned
    3060kbps vs 3Gs 4269kbps.
    Evo Wi-Fi strength indicator showed "0" bars to only "1" bar for the duration of the test.
    The 3Gs had a steady bandwidth needle while the Evo displayed an erratic bandwidth needle.
    Bottom line is that I can now connect with my router which is 3 levels down in my home..
    I hope this info helps.

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