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Wireless Tether Freezing

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by SeriousBizznass, Aug 4, 2010.

  1. SeriousBizznass

    Thread Starter

    Anyone else having issues with Wireless Tether just freezing now? I uninstalled it and am going to try and reboot and see what happens.

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  2. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    Which version are you running? I'm on 2_0_5-pre5 and it's works fine. There's a -pre6 out, too.

  3. SeriousBizznass

    Thread Starter

    I was running the pre5. I'll just update to the new version.
  4. Sharkonwheels

    Sharkonwheels Android Enthusiast

    one thing I DID notice, was the FIRST time your run it after installation, it freezes. Never did it again for me, though.

  5. trant01

    trant01 Newbie

    I was having that problem too. Was trying to use it last night and it was freezing up my entire phone. But this morning its working just fine. Not sure what is going on here either.
  6. Steemax

    Steemax Newbie

    anyone noted how much memory it takes while running? Just curious...:thinking:
  7. haison

    haison Newbie

    I have to turn wifi off before turning on tethering for it to work. I guess there might be a conflict leaving wifi on?

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