Root Wireless tether Win7 blue screen of death


arg. so for some reason once i click to connect to the wireless tether network after setting up the access point on my Hero, windows totally blue screens with BAD POOL HEADER as the error. happens everytime now but never happened before. I used to be able to tether easily. any ideas?

this is wireless tether v.2.0.6 included with elelinux 2.2.1SE. only thing i changed was flashed flykernel 12a, but could it really be a problem on the android side?


Check six!
If it worked without BSOD until you changed the kernel, try reflashing the ROM to revert to the previous kernel. Just wipe cache and dalvik-cache and your current config will be retained.

BAD_POOL_HEADER is often an indicator of a problem with system drivers, but it makes sense to reverse the only change made to a working config before exploring the unknown. ;)