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Wireless Tethering and C Spire's Data Plans?

Discussion in 'C Spire' started by chad.a.byrd, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. chad.a.byrd

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    I use a Samsung Galaxy S Showcase running CM10. I occasionally use the rom's Wireless AP feature to tether my phone to my laptop or Nexus 7 when I am traveling and don't have access to wifi. This hasn't been a problem for me, since I am currently on one of C Spire's old unlimited data plans (even though C Spire officially says tethering is not allowed). However, I was thinking about upgrading to the Galaxy S3 when my plan ends this month, and I expect to root that phone as well. However, with C Spire's new data plans, I was wondering how using the Wireless AP function on a new plan might affect my data usage. On their "Choice" plan, all data is apparently unlimited except for video streaming, which is limited to 30 minutes per month (which is ridiculous). They do offer several tethering "passes", which only last for up to a month.

    I'm sure if they want to figure out if I'm tethering on my phone, they have ways of doing so, but I'm really just interested to know how that data usage would be reflected on my plan.

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