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Wireless TV output from HTC Desire S

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by onako, Sep 15, 2011.

  1. onako

    onako Lurker
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    I was offered an LCD TV that supports wireless connections from other devices to provide video streaming, etc... I would like to know if there is an option to wirelessly connect HTC Desire S to that TV, such that the screen of your HTC is transferred to TV.
    Then, I would browse with HTC, but be able to look at TV.

    I know that there is Twonky app that allows streaming media files, but I wanted to be sure if the above option is possible. This would allow me viewing PDF, PPT, and DOC files on TV, that I could use for small presentations.


  2. kryptonyt

    kryptonyt Well-Known Member

    i'm new to "smartphones" and to this forum. Does the 1 post under your name mean that you are new to this forum as well? Just curious about that; what about "smartphones"?
    Personally i am always amazzed at how much can be done with these little hand-held computers!

    In any event. What i am wondering is this: are you asking if you can streaming X to your wireless TV AND see what is on your desire at the same time? The first thing i thought was split screen which is a feature of the TV. Whether the phone will transmit two different things at the same time would absolutely blow my mind if they can do that.

    i think one of AT&T's commercials show a situation where a guy debating his son about the year that something happened. While he is debating his son on the phone he is also perusing the internet for the exact answer.
    Pretty sure it if not just a commercial for AT&T it is about the ability of AT&T iphone4 allows one to do two things at the same time; suggesting that Verizons iphone4 can't do that.

    Once again, i am knew here. But from what i gather, this is a great example of how the genius's here who are helping their comrades with smartphones to overcome, over-ride, free the potentiality of the little Droid entity.....! Make me GRIN! BIG TIME!!!

    If there is a way to do exactly what you want to do someone here will know how to do it.

    Hope you find not only the answer to your question but even more.

    i'll be watching because i want to know too.

    Good Luck!:)
  3. onako

    onako Lurker
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    I didn't find any constructive comment in your post. If you still wonder about what I'm asking about, take a look:
    Twonky Suite Media Manager :: Connected Home ::Twonky Mobile Apps Overview

    But, I want to know if it is possible to see what I'm doing on TV screen (I believe you've seen that with laptops, etc...). There are some videos showing how to stream media from android devices to TV. BUT, I wonder if I can do MORE.
  4. onako

    onako Lurker
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    OK, I suppose my question is not clear.
    On some forums I read that HTC Desire S does not support TV out, but on other places I found the following:

    "Another mod con that's missing is the ability to hook up your phone to a television via HDMI. Samsung's Galaxy S II boasts a Mobile High-Definition Link connection for both charging and TV-out, and older devices, such as the Motorola Milestone XT720, offered HDMI connectivity almost a year ago. Still, it's not a complete deal-breaker, especially when you consider the number of DLNA apps that allow you to wirelessly stream video, audio and photos from your phone to compatible hardware, such as the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360."

    So, what this means? I can stream media, but cannot see the phone screen on TV?


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