Wish me luck!


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Ok this has nothing to do with STU but you guys are my community so I figured id share here in the STU forums.

In about 1 and a half hours ill be interviewing for one of the major carriers to work in their sales dept. Its a far cry from my roots as a tech so wish me luck!


Hey Loota I've' been lurking the forums for a bit trying my hand at different tweaks and such for my transform. You name pops up a lot with great info so thanks for all you do here. I'm sure you will be excellent in sales, and congrats in advance. Hopefully this will be a stepping stone to get you closer to that "dream" job.



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I don't see myself as a dev.. more as a knowledgebase.. I remember crap I've read here and retell it to those who haven't been around as long. But yeah ill have a lot more on my plate.