Wish there was more people with this..

Milo Williamson

Android Expert
Customize is excellent:

-you can hit the moto icon,
-it will display on what you wanted to edit

-from the drop-down menu colors to the text itself to shapes.

- thumbprint animation up to three, but I chose one of them every once in a while.

- Dark theme to light theme with built-in nightlight, so your eyes can get a break from it.

- Always developer mode to customize how you like it - myself just show me where the taps are.

- Slow down typing speed per second, or even speed up when you can type it up.

- Utilizing the camera with edges is a plus to see how much your hand can reach around, my fingers
are pretty well maintained so they can grab onto it with such ease.

- Wall paper is also listed, you can download interactive ones. Or use the stock pile ones.

- Keyboard color changer, simple download head over to the key board settings and download them with ease.

- Vibration when texting you can set it off,