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WIZT Home Productivity app is looking for beta testers!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by WIZT App, May 7, 2019.

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    Hi everyone, we have just launched our new app, WIZT, a home inventory app that allows one to record, search, and locate their items fast without the hassle. Users can customize their floor plan to the layout of their house, add a digital AR sticker to know the exact location of the item, and share the information with friends, family and roommates (with subscription plan). Create unlimited tags for your labels to know what is in the storage location recorded.

    Beta Test Links:

    Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wizt
    Apple Testflight: https://apple.co/2GTb8ub

    More information on our main page: https://helios-eos.com

    We are celebrating our launch with a competition till 10th May 2019 with the prize being USD500. Find out more about WIZT and our competition on our facebook page www.facebook.com/TidyingwithWizt now :)

    Thank you for testing and hope you will enjoy it

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    We have a procedure for developers to announce their apps. Read this thread for instructions.
    Developer Announcement Procedure
    1. Install the Forums for Android app from Play
    2. Sign in to the forum using the app
    3. Goto the forums tab
    4. Select "My Apps & Games"
    5. Select your app from the list
    6. Tap the green icon in the bottom right to start a new thread
    7. Add a thread title / content and hit the post button (right pointing arrow in the top right of the screen)
    8. Once this is done you can use your PC to create or modify threads in your channel
    Once you create the channel using the app I will move your thread to the channel.

    If you have any questions, please reply to this message.
    Good luck with your app.
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    Thank you for the advice, I have created the thread
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    All set!!. Good luck with the app. :)
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WIZT Recall, Remind and Share

WIZT Recall, Remind and Share Forum


Say yes to a professional home organization with WIZT – Recall, Remind and Share Where Stuff Is
Forget about those nerve wrecking frustrations for a lost item.. when you really know it’s there, somewhere. WIZT provides with supreme item organization and personal inventory tracker and organizer features for smooth home organization. Remind yourself when you need to bring something important for an event! Download WIZT & record organized items at a glance with feature rich inventory and item organization. DIGITALLY LABEL ANYTHING IN YOUR HOME
Create a label for any item and personal belongings in your home. It can be valuable item or a common item you rarely use – the choice is yours. Just tap on the “+” in the middle and enter the required info in minutes. Take a photo, add description, location and tags and never lose anything! Additionally, you can create labels using our new innovative AI system FYBE, to replace the manual task of inputting tags. FYBE, YOUR PERSONAL AI SYSTEM
No more hassle of manually inputting your data! With FYBE, your personalized AI, you can train and recognize items that are being recorded. On top of that digital stickers can be posted on any area via our AR functionality to get a quick pointer exactly where an item is stored. FIND ITEMS FAST
Get to your items fast in times of urgency. Use the search feature to overview and get the location of any item. Quickly navigate to any item with our highly intuitive navigation and controls. REMINDERS
Have you ever forgotten to bring an important item for an event cause you simply forgot about it? This would be a problem of the past with WIZT. Simply add a reminder to a label and receive a push notification when you need the item! SHARE ITEM LOCATION
Want to share an item location with your family or friends when you are not at home? WIZT allows you to communicate seamlessly for home organization allows you to do it with a simple tap. Just follow the feature share from your home screen. FEATURES:
- Digitally recorded labels with your content photos - FYBE, your personalized AI assistant - Digital Stickers to be placed on area (Augmented Reality) - Item reminder to remember your items for your next event - Quick search on items! Just key in the items you are finding - Quickly communicate with family members or tenants for commonly used items PRICE Free users are able to upload 30 photos and train 30 photos on FYBE Launch Promotion Price - upload 60 photos and train 60 photos on FYBE - USD 7.99 billed annually Junior WIZZard – upload 600 photos and train 600 photos on FYBE - USD 70 billed annually Master WIZZard – upload 1200 photos and train 1200 photos on FYBE - USD 130 billed annually Ads will be removed for subscriptions

November 21, 2019
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