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WM6 to Android Issues

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by J & J Speed Shop, Jan 9, 2010.

  1. J & J Speed Shop

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    Just activated my Samsung Moment on Sprint last night and I personally love the phone and the interface. However I have some issues that I would like help with or an alternative. I am coming from the HTC Mogul with WM6.5 loaded on it. I have had Windows Mobile phones for the past 6 years or so and gotten so used to them.

    1. Contacts list - I was wondering if there is another good contact program or am I stuck with what is loaded on my phone. The only real problem I have with the contacts list is how people and businesses are listed. On my windows mobile phone I could enter both a person's name and the business and I could choose how I wanted the contact to appear in the list. Like I could have the company listed (ie. Widgets Inc.) or have the person and company listed and vice versa (ie. Widgets Inc. (John Smith))

    2. Roaming ONLY choice - on my windows mobile phone I could edit the registry to allow me to pick either Sprint only, Automatic, or Roaming Only. This is very useful for me because in my shop with the metal roof I can't send or receive calls reliably.

    3. Tethering - I used my WM phone along with my netbook and would bridge the wired connection to use my credit card terminal to process payments. I see there is no internat sharing app on the Moment. Any suggestions?

    I really like the phone, but if I can't find solutions to these problems I will have to bit the bullet and get the HTC Touch Pro2. Part of me doesn't want to do this but I need to have service at my shop to answer business calls and I need to process credit card payments

    Thanks Everyone

  2. meangene

    meangene Member

    I also just switched from the Mogul and had some of the same questions. Here's a few suggestions:

    1. There are quite a few contacts apps in the app store; do a search and you may find what your looking for.

    2. Go to System Settings > Wireless Controls > Mobile Networks and play with the roaming options in there--the system select might be what your looking for. You could also just power down the phone at work.

    3. I used wmwifirouter on the Mogul all the time and they have (sort of) announced that their working on an android version. I think I saw some other tethering options on these forums using PDAnet or something like that.

    Overall, I highly suggest you stick with Android; smart phones have come a long way and I think this is going to be the standard OS in the not so distant future.
  3. IOWA

    IOWA Mr. Logic Pants

    You will need the paid version of pdanet for cc transactions... but its worth it. It works incredibly fast. And its really easy to use.

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